Yes, I haven’t been keeping up with YPF – mostly lack of pretty yarn to photograph and not much time or daylight for me during the week. But I got some gorgeous new yarn this week & some time daylight today (and more snow – I’m officially sick of snow) so I present YPS

I’ve been curious about eBay seller KimiK for awhile but I never win her auctions. Finally, I won one!

It took awhile to get – partly my fault, stupid echecks – but my annoyance was gone as soon as I opened the package.

It’s a new to me fiber – Blue Faced Leicester wool. I’d been reading about it and man, is it lovely. And the colours! I had no purple sock yarn so I went with the purpley pinks.

So that’s the last of my sock yarn binge, because, really, I needed more sock yarn. Ah well, that’s it for awhile. Luckily, I do make a lot of socks, in addition to the Commuter Sock, I’ve been working on the CoffeeBoy socks at home.

It’s going pretty quickly, considering I’ve only worked on it in the evening. They are going to be nice & soft – I just hope they fit!

And I think next I’m going to try a sock yarn that is not KnitPicks – my last 3 socks have been KP. As much as I love it, I really need to find some projects worthy enough for my hand dyed sock yarn – I have so much but I keep grabbing the KP, probably because I normally just do plain vanilla socks & the yarn is all ready to go – no winding.

But today, I’m not sure if I’ll have much knitting time. This is what my dinning room has looked like for months

Today we’re going to try to clean up the walls – seriously, there were like 6 layers of wallpaper. We’re painting it as soon as the wallpaper is off. Bought the paint last week, I think it will be pretty.

Although, I may just sit back to watch & knit. “But honey, I’m making YOU socks!” 🙂


There are a great many things I will miss about Portland.  One near the top of the list is Twisted.  They only opened in June, but I’ve gotten to feel, for the first time, that I have a LYS – I’ve gone to their movie night a couple of times & to their open craft night (which, to be honest, is mostly knitting) last Tuesday.  I love this store – the lovely owners are friendly & chatty, it’s nice & spacious and has a good selection of lots of yarn – Noro, Araucania, Debbie Bliss, Alpaca with a Twist, Sirdar, etc – that many of the other shops do not have.

But to be honest, what really gets me going is the sock yarn wall – indie dyers that I’ve only read about on the internet – Yarntini, Zen String, Ashabee – along side more popular sock yarns like Cherry Tree Hill.  It’s a sock lovers paradise.

So to remember them (like I would forget) I had to buy one of their exclusive colorways – a couple of dyers have made one for them, but I went with a local dyer.

 Knitted Wit, a local based gal, dyed this beautiful skein of goodness called (what else?) Twisted.

Those really are the shop colours.  I should have got some pictures (like of the sock yarn wall) but ah well.

Goodbye Twisted, I will miss you…at least until December when I come back for a visit!

Now it’s off for a weekend with the family.

So this is a bit of a cheat, since I showed this yarn off already…but I don’t think you got the full effect of this beautiful yarn

Seemed fitting to show this off as it really feels like summer is over

Although it’s been very warm in the afternoon, the evenings & mornings have been quite cool

Once again, this is Seacoast Handpainted Yarns, purchased at Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield MA.

Does anyone ever knit anything from vacation yarn?  I’m drawing a blank at what to do.  Maybe I’ll just ogle it for a few months.

I’m leaving on vacation in a couple of days…Boston!

So it’s mostly looking for a place to live but I’ll have some time to explore the city and, ahem, yarn shops. Any suggestions? We’re staying in Wakefield and I think Butterfly Yarns is fairly close (according to mapquest) and I will hopefully go to Windsor Buttons and A Good Yarn since I seem to hear about them the most on the Boston message boards. We’ll be looking at houses in Lowell. (Home of Classic Elite apparently!) So if anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

I’ll also be spending a day with my oldest friend – Hi Debb!

Bad news about moving…I’ll be missing Oregon Flock & Fiber (we are leaving around Sept 21 – we’re seeing Flaming Lips on the 19th so a couple of days after that. Yes, we are planning our move around a show.) But good news about moving…Rhinebeck! Well maybe…it’s only a couple of weeks after we arrive and I have no idea if I’ll have a way there. But it is a nice thought.

So here’s what was supose to go up last Friday…more yarn from Twisted! I have no control there. (and I’m going back tonight to finish watching Supernatural…sigh)

This lovely bit of heaven is Ashabee’s FiberOasis.

It’s her Eclipse yarn – 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon. The bamboo is what clinched it for me. I had to have it.

Don’t you?

Check out her etsy shop linked above – she has some amazing stuff.

I doubt I’ll be posting much until next weekend, (I’m bringing my laptop but it all depends on the access I have) so until then…

Have a lovely week.

When I went to Twisted last week, I finally got to lay my mitts on on some of the sock yarns I’ve been drooling over through the internets.  Yarntini, Dream in Color, (which, I want to point out, I was ahead of the curve on DiC – though I hadn’t played with the sock yarns yet) and Cherry Tree Hill were all on display, but I finally settled on some Zen String.

I just fell in love with the colours.

Pinks & brown together always makes a nice combination.

And the yarn is so squishy soft.

I think Twisted is going to be my downfall before I move…I’m going back tonight for their TV night.  I will try to contain myself though.

Have a good weekend y’all – this is my last true weekend for awhile as it’s my last week of work!  Huzzah!

Doesn’t that sound delightful?

Another item I picked up at Lint’s closing sale (which is now at 50% off…I’m tempted to head on over there again) is this lovely skein of Noro’s Cashmere Island.

As with most Noro I’ve found, it’s hard to capture all the delightful colours in it – mostly black with lime green, deep purple & blues and a little bit of turquoise. It’s colour number is 1 (first time I’ve seen a single digit for a colour number)

With 30% cashmere (as well as 60% wool & 10& nylon), it must be a hat. It’s 100m and I only picked up on skein so that’s what it’ll be – a nice warm hat for those MA winters I’ll have to get used to.

Thanks to everyone’s words of encouragement from my last post – I’m actually a lot better now. It looks like we’ll be flying out there at the end of August for a few days then hopefully moving sometime in Sept. I’m still a bit stressed but I’m trying to redirect it. Today I went through my big green bin of yarn & took out everything that has been stashed in there. Don’t worry, it’s nothing spectacular, mostly odd balls & old acrylic stuff – I didn’t even photograph any of it for FYS07. I filled up a trash bag full of it to donate and it made me feel a bit better about what I do have. I filled the bin back up with all the good yarn I have; all but my current WiPs and my sock yarn tote fit in it.
Next up is the closet. It’s amazing how many clothes I have. I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, but I have clothes spilling out all over.

Tonight though I’m headed over to Twisted for their movie night with some lovely peeps to relax.  If you are one of the PDX readers, please join us!  I think it’ll be fun and it’ll be my first time in Twisted.  I know I have drove by it multiple times, but I keep missing it for some reason.

First off, I got to knit with Amy Singer yesterday!

Seriously, she was signing/hanging out at Knit-Purl yesterday and it was very fun. As expected, Amy is as funny & chatty as you would expect. I brought down Cables & Os (naturally!) & just hung out for about an hour & half with her, Missamite from Kntty Coffeeshop and some other lovely ladies yesterday afternoon.

Here’s Missamite wearing a lovely necklace of SeaSilk – I was so tempted by it, I mean Amy’s working with it right there working on Tuscany (she taught a class that night that I couldn’t afford) & Melissa was getting some…but I was good and decided $70 is a little much for a shawl at this moment, as beautiful as it is.

I went back for the Sip n’ Knit – really, my first knit night ever. It was fun, I felt really shy because everyone already knew each other & I actually only “knew” Amy who came by after the class. So I was quiet but I enjoyed myself – it was just nice to work on Cables & O’s again – it looks like it’s my every other week project.

So YPF, I did not forget. I broke my no yarn rule this week & went to Lint‘s closing sale. Picked up some Cotton Fleece (which will someday grow up to be Rusted Root) and this:

Artful Yarns Serenade – 70% cotton, 30% angora

So pretty – it’s actually a much deeper red/purple color than this pictures show – I fell in love with it.

That’s probably the best shot of the colours.

These look more like caterpillars than my silly story about the Opal Yarn.

I think this will end up a scarf.  I’ve never used angora before, so hopefully it won’t bother my skin – so far so good though.  I’m thinking of Branching Out for it…

We’ll see though.

I’m off for a weekend away – well a night away anyway.  Mt Hood most likely, so have a great weekend everyone!

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