Apparently, NaBloPoMo to me means no blog posts at all during November

Zero! My favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character! ūüôā

Sorry about that, I’ve been busy with my kickass new job (which I can’t post about – yet.¬† Sorry!), plus most of the interesting crafty projects I’ve done are gifts.¬† Also my computer where my I upload my pictures is being very temperamental (hence poor Zero up there was photographed with my phone).¬† I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving this week with my family (baking up a storm – Pumpkin Cheesecake, Hot Artichoke Dip, and my Homemade Stuffing, all from scratch) and of course the return of my CoffeeBoy in mid-December.

Hope all is well out there in blogland!¬† I’m still reading but not commenting much & part of my job is using Ravelry (how cool is that?) so I’m still out & about.¬† Hopefully I’ll be able to talk about my new job by my next post ūüôā


What do you do when you’re sick and sad & lonely because there’s no one to take care of you or even talk to?

You become one of those weirdos who creates their own friends.

It hasn’t been a great week – mostly because I’ve been sick (not H1N1 or anything, but pretty miserable for most of the week).¬† And I’ve fallen in love with the Danger Crafts creatures (so much I started my very first Ravelry group for them) So I spent most of the week in isolation (to keep whatever I had to myself) making several for gifts…and for myself.

First is Crowley.¬† He’s my favourite.

His favourite book is Good Omens, which he is named after.¬† I used some old Merino Style I had in the stash, so he’s soft & sweet.

watching the rain

watching the rain

This pattern is Frances The Charismatic Monster.

Then there’s Greeny Maddox

He’s slightly big & dopey but loves everyone around him.¬† He also thinks¬† the Toy Story movies are the greatest ever (Rex is his favourite).¬† I used some beautiful Araucania Limari (alpaca, silk, merino – yum) I bought on clearance at Tuesday Morning & while I could have saved it for a scarf or something, I decided it should be a big green monster instead.¬† He was going to be for one of my nephews but, while this is such soft yarn, it’s not great for a messy 4 year old.¬† So now he’s my hugable monster

This pattern is Maddox The Mischievous Monster.

Finally these guys:

They are the intellectuals of the bunch & sit around discussing their relatives, the polar bears.  I used some Comfy in the stash & are going to my youngest niece for Christmas.

Both are from the pattern Herman the Enigmatic Bear.

I should work on other Christmas presents but honestly I can’t stop making these guys.¬† While I’m feeling a little better, my brain is still fuzzy so these lovely pattern fit the bill.

take your pick!

  1. Hell On Earth ’09 – our 10 day period of 90+ degree weather, including a lovely 4 days of 100+ temperatures with no relief at night. ¬†The local newscasters thoughtlessly did not name our big news with a catchy title – such as Big Freeze ’08 last Christmas (seriously, I must have the worst luck in weather this year). So we came up with our own when attending a sweaty sweaty Sonic Youth show last week. (Fantastic performance though). ¬†Hot house, hot car, no sleep – wasn’t pleasant
  2. Heat made it impossible to work on interesting crafty things – mostly just sat around and bitched. ¬†Only moderately interesting knitting thing I’m working on is a project for work that I can’t photograph anyway.
  3. Also killed desire to photograph new skirts.  As soon I stepped in the house I immediately stripped down to boxer shorts & tank top.
  4. Also sadly killed most of the yard & garden. Except the monster sunflowers who really are going to take over soon.
  5. Work. ¬†Love my job but takes up lots of time. ¬†Luckily, I get paid to read Ravelry, twitter, Knitting Community, etc. ¬†I’ll be blogging there as well.
  6. Facebook & twitter has taken over as forms of self indulgent news.
  7. Trying to clean house before visitors arrive. ¬†The only person who’s been in my house since CB went back to MA is my mom. ¬†Don’t want others to see how lazy I am.

With plans to meet lots of bloggers & have some fun, I hope to have more a interesting post next week.

Obviously, since I haven’t posted in quite awhile. Having CoffeeBoy in town has been great – I’ve missed him so much and we’ve been doing a lot around the house…and doing a Foodie tour of our favourite (old & new) Portland restaurants.

But sadly, this will all come to an end on Monday when he returns to MA and we’ll be seperated again for an undetermined amount of time :(. ¬†Although I will be able to update the blog on our adventures – Sock Summit registration¬†(okay, so that was just my adventure), Anthony Bourdain, seeing Up, several¬†incredible restaurants we have discovered. ¬†Oh and a wee bit of knitting.

Until then, here’s one of my flowers that bloomed. ¬†I’m in shock that I actually haven’t killed everything in my gardens yet.

The other day, I had the bittersweet task of packing up my craft room – I loved having a place all to myself ¬†for all of my crafty things. ¬†Since we have 3 bedrooms here, both CoffeeBoy & I took one of the extra rooms for our own, though honestly, I used mine more than he used his – he just stored his hobby items in his, while I actually used mine. ¬†Anyway, sadly, we only have 2 bedrooms back in Portland so it’ll not be the same. ¬†Ah well. ¬†In anycase, I faced the dilema that all nutty yarn crafters faced when packing up the stash – how much to leave out? ¬†Too much & it’s a pain to transport, too little and I run the risk of runing out of things to do (or, more likely, get bored of the yarn available & yearn for something else packed away…or buy more yarn) ¬†So here’s what I have to amuse me until the end of March (tenative moving date is March 25th)


Yarn I just might need!

Yarn I just might need!

Why yes, that is 6 skeins of sock yarn (the all ready balled up yarn is my CrazyMonkey yarn, which will be my next commuter socks РI balled it up before the trip to Houston just in case I finished my Alpaca socks), and 2 skeins of 2 different DK weight yarn (in case I feel the need to make hats or something other than socks).  This does not include the remainder of my Amelia sweater and the long suffering Cables & Os sweater, which I will finish one day.

Also, equally important, are books to leave out.


books I may need!

books I may need!

I’m currently reading Fool – I adore Christopher Moore & this one is hysterically funny. ¬†I’m also currently reading the lovely (and romantic, in our weird nerdy way) Christmas present from CB – the letters of John & Abagail Adams. ¬†I could not bear to pack up Pride & Prejudice – it’s one I can always pick up & enjoy. ¬†And Inkdeath is one I have been wanting to read, but it was one I got durring my work overload & wasn’t really reading so I figure it will be a good time to start it. ¬†These books, of course, do not include my audio books which I have been turning to more & more to.


I think, possibly, ¬†I’ll be okay with both my yarn & book choices for the next month. ūüôā


December 18

Fly out of Boston!  Plane delayed in Boston so must run through airport to catch plane in Chicago. But arrive safely in Portland early afternoon, very happy to be home.  Notice snow on ground Рpretty!

December 19

Get up early (stupid time change), decide to rake leaves in yard. ¬†Snow starts falling, but glad to have brought snow boots and mittens. ¬†Tired & cold, decide CoffeeBoy can put them in the containers. ¬†Roads are clear and see on weather.com tomorrow is okay too. ¬†Decide to drive around Portland for Christmas gifts, groceries, etc. ¬†Get back to house to take nap, notice the roads are freezing up and cars slipping around outside. ¬†But see on weather that it shouldn’t be that bad tomorrow morning so can drive to Mom’s house 2 hours south.

December 20

Wake up to lots of snow falling. ¬†Road outside covered. ¬†Decide to wait on driving to mom’s. ¬†Order pizza since didn’t really buy much for groceries. ¬†Wind starts blowing & snows harder, way too cold to go outside even to catch bus to friends house. ¬†Notice snow has covered piles of leaves. ¬†But this is Portland, it will melt by tomorrow. ¬†Spend day inside, only amusement is a radio with one speaker, Blackberry and 1 Iron Chef DVD that had decided to bring on a whim. ¬†At least will be able to finish knitting Christmas presents! Watch video that night, go to bed early, hope snow is gone.

December 21

Snow is not gone. ¬†Wind is not gone. ¬†Snow is still falling. ¬†Not going to Mom’s today. ¬†Try to explain to mom and sister that the snow is piling up a lot in Portland even though it’s fine where they are. Fail. ¬†Do not think they believe me. ¬†Get restless, decide to walk to see if anything open. ¬†Only thing open is dive bar at end of road and minimart. ¬†Buy some stuff at minimart. ¬†Come back home. ¬†Drive each other crazy with cabin fever. ¬†Decide to go to dive bar to get out of house, watch TV and drink heavily. ¬†Watch news, see that it is not going to get better for a couple of days. Biggest snow storm in 30 years. ¬†Feel trickle of worry of not getting to Mom’s for Christmas. ¬†Go home, go to bed.

December 22

Snow still there. ¬†Snow still falling, car buried. ¬†Try to explain on call with work people in Boston and Denver that even if a foot of snow isn’t much to them, Portland does not have equipment to clear roads. ¬† Fail. Decide to buy train ticket for that night instead. Trains always run! ¬†Happy to get out of house, decide we should at least go downtown early. ¬†Train station calls as about to leave. ¬†All trains canceled. ¬†City buses canceled too. ¬†Feel despair. ¬†Cry in frustration. ¬†Sulk. ¬†CB wisely leaves to go back to dive bar. ¬†Do not want to go back there. ¬†Pout. ¬†Decide am being ridiculous, call train station to change ticket. ¬†Only ticket is for tomorrow night at 9 pm. ¬†Take it. ¬†Walk a very cold 15 blocks to supermarket, rent movies, buy groceries. ¬†Make cupcakes to amuse self, watch movies, and knit. ¬†Am actually getting tired of knitting. ¬†Go to bed.

December 23

Snow still there.  Not snowing though, and cold winds have all but stopped.  Think at least main roads are clear, maybe can drive out.  Spend 3 hours digging car out of snow.


Fail. ¬†CB goes to check main roads, no way little car will make it out. ¬†Worry trains will be canceled again but decide have to get out of house. ¬†Take bus to down town, normally a 30 minute journey. ¬†Instead takes 3 hours and includes waiting in snow for bus for an hour, bus getting stuck in snow drift, bus then throwing a chain. ¬†But make it to internet cafe, trains are running. ¬†Have a nice dinner, get to train station at 8 to make train. ¬†See previous train hasn’t even left yet. ¬†9pm train delayed to 10:30

Train delayed to 10:40

Train delayed to 11:00

Train delayed to 11:15

Finally get on train at 11:30.  Arrive at 2 am, poor mom & BIL waiting.  Amazed at the lack of snow.

December 24

All trains & buses from Portland are sold out.  BIL will drive up and pick up CB in Portland instead, as he has chains & used to driving in snow.  BIL leaves at 11am.  Spend day shopping with mom, hanging out with sister & kids.  BIL & CB do not arrive until 7pm.  But very thankful & happy to be around loved ones.  Christmas Eve always favourite day of the year.  Have a fun night with family playing Guitar Hero with everyone.

December 25

Everyone pleased with knitted gifts.  Play lots of Wii games, relaxing.  CB wants to go back to Portland to spend Christmas night with friends.  Leave to take him to catch bus at 6:30.  Bus is late.  Bus may not show up.  Several buses show up, not Portland one.  Finally bus shows up at 7:30, send him on his way.

December 26-28

Relax with family.  Go to thrift stores, play with kids, eat lots of food, play lots of Sims & Guitar Hero with sister.  Find in box of old childhood things one of favourite books The Long Winter by Lauran Ingalls Wilder.  Reread it, realize did not have it that bad when snowbound for 4 days.

December 29

CB decides to rent car, comes to pick me up to take me back to Portland. No snow on ground.  Happy to at least spend a couple of days enjoying Portland before heading back to MA.


Once upon a time, not too long ago, I had decided that Mondays was going to be commuter socks day – because socks make me happy and Mondays do not. ¬†Well, because I cannot keep to a posting schedule to save my life, it fell by the wayside (also, durring the Ravelympics, I didn’t work on socks. ¬†Also, I’ve been sucking at taking WiP pictures.) ¬†But I do have a completed pair and a new commuter sock to make that train ride go by a little bit better. ¬†(That and a new episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on Monday mornings and the rare occasions I can ride the train with Britt in the afternoons)

I need to remember to crop pictures.

I need to remember to crop pictures.

Rainy Day Commuter Socks

Started: August 28th

Completed: September 27th

Yarn: Blue Hands Fiber Ravelry Sock Club yarn – Rainy Day

Pattern: Tidepool Socks by Mary Heather

Needles: Size 1.5US Harmony needles

Notes: I like how these socks turned out.  I hated knitting them though

Not because of the yarn – finally I’m getting around to trying out my sock club yarn. ¬†Love the colours (I realized after they were done, they have very similar coluors to another pair of commuter socks) and the yarn is lovely to knit with – especially after my last pair. ¬†And since this yarn was named after Ravelry’s Mary Heather, I felt I should use her pattern for them! ¬†It does look great with this yarn, but I just got so burnt out knitting 1×1 rib. ¬†I have now decided I hate it and I never want to do it again. ¬†Well, not for an entire pair of socks. ¬†Anyway, that’s one of the reasons it took so long on this pair, I ended up going so crazy at the 1×1 rib that I took a break halfway through to work on another pair of socks, some Reverse Red Sox for CoffeeBoy (which I also didn’t finish because I’m a bad bad girlfriend apparently). Plus was a week where I was off work because mom was visiting – no commute = no commuter socks.

But they are now done, and I’ve moved on to what I’ve decided is my favourite sock pattern in the whole wide world, Reversi.

I heart Reversi

I heart Reversi

This is my “monkey” pattern. ¬†I just love it so. ¬†It’s the perfect pattern to amuse myself on the commute – yes I do race myself to figure out how many rows I can do during the ride. (“man, only 10 rounds?! ¬†I suck!”). ¬†And I love how it looks too. ¬†Sadly, my first pair of Reversi socks, the gorgeous Gloss pair, found their way into the warm wash and shrank up too much to fit my boat-like feet. ¬†They now have a happy home with my mom – with strict instructions to only wash them in cold! ¬†So it seemed the perfect time to make a new pair. ¬†I’m using a new yarn –¬†Alpaca with a Twist Socrates – in fact when I bought it a couple of months ago, it wasn’t even in the Ravelry database yet! ¬†I really like AwaT yarns, so I thought I would try it – it’s a blend of Alpaca (of course), Bamboo, Merino, and some nylon. ¬†A bit fuzzier than I’ve used before but I’m enjoying the colours.

I’m not sure on the washing properties for this yarn but I am taking no chances with them. ¬†Cold water only!

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