Mondays Sock

Reversi, again

Started: May 16th

Completed: May 24

Yarn:  flydesigns Cashmara

Pattern: Reversi by Jen Showalter

Needles: Size 2US 

Notes:  I think it’s pretty obvious I love this pattern.

First of all, I love how it looks.  Second, while it’s a 20 row stitch pattern, it’s easy to memorize & goes quickly.  Third, there are no purl stitches.  Plus, it’s one of the few sock patterns I’ve purchased – I have so many sock books that I don’t really need to purchase sock patterns, so I guess I”m getting my money’s worth!  These are my fourth pair, but the only one I currently own – as stated, I’ve shrunk two pairs & the other went to my best friend for a gift.  So let’s hope I can hang on to these.

This particular pair was probably one of my quickest sock knits – about a week from start to finish & included frogging half of one to change the heel.  I only cast on 56 stitches & they just flew by.  Love knitting with DK weight! 🙂   These are going to be nice when my poor feet get cold – Cashmara is lovely lovely lovely stuff & feels like heaven on my feet, which tend to get cold a lot.

My biggest fear was running out of yarn – I haven’t knit DK weight socks in a very long time & was a bit nervous as I started the foot of the second sock – the skein was listed as 290 yards & I was knitting at a slightly tigher gauge.  But, obviously, I was successful.


These made a nice birthday gift for myself – yes, today is my 36th (eek!) birthday.  Right at the moment, it’s not the most exciting day – I’m waiting for a delivery that’s not even for me – it’s CoffeeBoy’s motorcycle.  Why they are delivering it today of all days – a holiday- I have no idea but I’m getting impatient.  Then I”m headed south to spend the rest of the day with my family, which will be nice.  But I think most of my celebrating will be in 48 hours when my CoffeeBoy will finally be here.  🙂


Whew!  Back home from a whirl wind week in Houston – it was stressful with long hours alternating between sitting in the VIP room & greeting my speakers (I was responsible for 170 speakers)  & running all over the place looking for them.  And actually I did have some fun, there was a definite lack of the self important assholes, most people were super nice and I felt like I did a good job at keeping track of all of them and making them feel special (key to this kind of job – make everyone feel as important as the big speakers – and we had some big ones).  Plus, it was great so many of the higher ups appreciated my hard work – always a good sign. 🙂

But now I’m home & back to reality – some crappy things happened while I was away that has a huge impact on our future.  The plan at the moment is to move back to OR in March…but at this point it seems foolish to leave a good paying job (I’m hoping I can work from OR, but it’s unlikely), especially in such an unstable economy, but we’re both so miserable here (I don’t want to offend any MA friends & readers – I think it’s just not working out for us).  CoffeeBoy will be out of work by June and is worried about finding something else.  Anyway, I’m trying not to get too stressed out, but I hate having such an uncertain future.

So on to brighter things.  I seemed to have skipped blogging all of my January knitting.  I have several things to blog about actually – I’ll split them up in separate posts because I do love them all.

First…how about some socks?


Leyburn Socks

Leyburn Socks

Leyburn Socks

Started: January 3rd

Completed: January 23

Yarn:  Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Pink Granite

Pattern: Leyburn Socks from MintyFresh

Needles: 2.5US dpns

Notes:  This was part of the STR Ravelry group KAL

I really love these socks .  I stubbornly did them cuff down on dpns – what can I say, I’m not fond of toe up or using circs.   And luckily, this pattern looks great either way

And such a freaking fun stitch pattern – totally easy to memorize (important for my usual commuter socks, I hate trying to dig out a pattern sheet while on the train) and looks fantastic in so many different yarns.  

And I don’t think much more needs to be say about STR – love!  So soft!  I still got some pooling, but I don’t care that much – they still look lovely.  I’ve worn them several times, they were perfect durring the below 0 weather we had before I left.

Next up – Mittens!

I’m finally getting around to blogging about my latest commuter socks FO.  I actually finished them awhile back, but the original photos I took were not great and honestly, I only remember I need to rephotograph them when it’s too dark/rainy/cold outside.  And while it was freezing out this morning, I quickly took some photos because, well, I love these socks.

Reversi the Second

Started: September 29 

Completed: October 21

Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Socrates in Macaw

PatternReversi Socks

Needles: Size 1US dpns

Notes:  As I’ve said before, I am addicted to this pattern.  And my heart broke when my fave pair of socks, the original Reversi, felted in the washer.  But these are a lovely sequel that will hopefully not felt, they’ve been washed 3 times now and no felting to be seen – whew!

I was a bit unsure of the yarn while I was making them – it’s really fuzzy – but now that I’ve wore them a couple of times, I have realized how wonderful it is.  The bamboo/alpaca mix seemed like an odd mix – in my mind, bamboo is good for warmer weather socks and alpaca is good for below freezing.  But together, they give it an amazing silky feeling with out being overly warm.  And the colour is a good neutral colour without being boring – I’m trying to alternate my commuter socks between wild & crazy hand dyed colours and more neutral ones I can wear to work.

I don’t think I can say much more about the pattern that I haven’t already said – it’s my fave sock pattern, interesting to knit & gorgeous to look at.   My new commuter socks – a gift pair – is a modified version of it in fact.


Other than knitting, I’ve been feeling this stressful anticipation all day – in 24 hours or so we’ll know who the next president will be (well unless we get a repeat of 2000, which would make the cable news channels explode with happiness).  I’m more stressed than usual about it, maybe because I’ve been wrapped up in for over a year.   Or because I had such a hopeful feeling in 2004 and it came crashing down that night in Novemeber – I had strong feelings about 2 different items during the last election (the presidential choice and the Oregon ballot measure banning gay marriage) and both were devastating disappointments.  And while my presidential choice last time was more of the “I dislike the other guy & what he’s doing to the country” variety, I’ve been a strong supporter of Barack Obama for quite awhile now, more than any other political candidate in my life.  I just don’t want that ’04 feeling again tomorrow night.

But I will say, I do not think McCain is Bush 2.0, in fact while I do not agree with most his (and especially Palin’s) politics, I don’t think he’s a bad guy.  I just think Obama is what this country needs: a refreshing change for everyone.

So I’m stressed.  But as CoffeeBoy so intelligently put it last night “America has survived the last 8 years; we can live through anything.”

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I had decided that Mondays was going to be commuter socks day – because socks make me happy and Mondays do not.  Well, because I cannot keep to a posting schedule to save my life, it fell by the wayside (also, durring the Ravelympics, I didn’t work on socks.  Also, I’ve been sucking at taking WiP pictures.)  But I do have a completed pair and a new commuter sock to make that train ride go by a little bit better.  (That and a new episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on Monday mornings and the rare occasions I can ride the train with Britt in the afternoons)

I need to remember to crop pictures.

I need to remember to crop pictures.

Rainy Day Commuter Socks

Started: August 28th

Completed: September 27th

Yarn: Blue Hands Fiber Ravelry Sock Club yarn – Rainy Day

Pattern: Tidepool Socks by Mary Heather

Needles: Size 1.5US Harmony needles

Notes: I like how these socks turned out.  I hated knitting them though

Not because of the yarn – finally I’m getting around to trying out my sock club yarn.  Love the colours (I realized after they were done, they have very similar coluors to another pair of commuter socks) and the yarn is lovely to knit with – especially after my last pair.  And since this yarn was named after Ravelry’s Mary Heather, I felt I should use her pattern for them!  It does look great with this yarn, but I just got so burnt out knitting 1×1 rib.  I have now decided I hate it and I never want to do it again.  Well, not for an entire pair of socks.  Anyway, that’s one of the reasons it took so long on this pair, I ended up going so crazy at the 1×1 rib that I took a break halfway through to work on another pair of socks, some Reverse Red Sox for CoffeeBoy (which I also didn’t finish because I’m a bad bad girlfriend apparently). Plus was a week where I was off work because mom was visiting – no commute = no commuter socks.

But they are now done, and I’ve moved on to what I’ve decided is my favourite sock pattern in the whole wide world, Reversi.

I heart Reversi

I heart Reversi

This is my “monkey” pattern.  I just love it so.  It’s the perfect pattern to amuse myself on the commute – yes I do race myself to figure out how many rows I can do during the ride. (“man, only 10 rounds?!  I suck!”).  And I love how it looks too.  Sadly, my first pair of Reversi socks, the gorgeous Gloss pair, found their way into the warm wash and shrank up too much to fit my boat-like feet.  They now have a happy home with my mom – with strict instructions to only wash them in cold!  So it seemed the perfect time to make a new pair.  I’m using a new yarn – Alpaca with a Twist Socrates – in fact when I bought it a couple of months ago, it wasn’t even in the Ravelry database yet!  I really like AwaT yarns, so I thought I would try it – it’s a blend of Alpaca (of course), Bamboo, Merino, and some nylon.  A bit fuzzier than I’ve used before but I’m enjoying the colours.

I’m not sure on the washing properties for this yarn but I am taking no chances with them.  Cold water only!

I finally finished the most boring socks pair of socks for my first pair of the summer.

CoffeeBoy socks on my feet

CoffeeBoy socks on my feet

CoffeeBoy’s Coffee Socks

Started: June 20th

Completed: July 12th

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss, Porchini, most of two skeins

Pattern: Generic Sock, eye of a Partridge heel, regular toe.  Added nylon thread to heels & toes

Needles: Size 2US Harmony dpns

Notes:  I finally finished these.  They were so boring – the pattern, the colour, the size, etc.  It’s the only thing I worked on while in Portland because I knew it would be difficult to get motivated to work on them while at home.  The saving grace is the yarn – I really love working wtih Gloss, even though I’m worried about shrinkage/felting with it.  But CB is happy to have a new pair of handknit socks, so I guess it was worth it.  He won’t notice the errors I made on the heel (I don’t know why I had such a problem with it this time).

I also finished one sock for my mom:

Moms Rockin (and Poolin) Socks

Mom's Rockin' (and Poolin') Socks

Luckily, she has smaller feet than CB or myself so the foot part went really quick – I turned the heel Saturday night while in a bar with CB (yes I was knitting, I was bored) and finished it by Sunday evening.  I don’t really care for the pattern (Rockin’ Socks from Blue Moon that my mom also purchased – I told her I had plenty of sock patterns, but she insisted.  I know it’s just a basic sock, it’s just not my basic sock) but since my mom started it, I figured I should just finish with it instead of ripping it out.  I did change the short row heel from the pattern – I just used the one I always use – and did a star toe for the first time.  So I guess I’m not really following that pattern, am I?  I’m worried about casting on for the second one – it’s obvious I have a different gauge than my mom and while I don’t mind pooling or fraternal twin socks – my mom probably won’t either – I would like them to look sorta similar (striping on the cuff).  I guess I’ll try it with the same needles and go down a size if it isn’t working.

Thank goodness I have a sock for myself on the needles that I love:

Clash Sock number 1

Clash Sock #1

My current commuter sock from the Punk Rock sock club.  I think the Thuja pattern works really well with it – I love the striping. Just a slight bit of pooling on the toe & that’s it – you know I don’t know why I’ve become obsessed with pooling, I never used to pay attention to it before (I guess I can thank Ravelry for that) It’s also my very first sock I’ve used size 0US needles on, which I didn’t think I would like, but I actualy do. It takes a bit longer but worth it; these socks will hold up nicely.

Finished these last week, but I’m finally posting them. I kept putting them off because I wasn’t as happy with them as I have been with my socks.

CrossCommuter Socks

CrossCommuter Socks

Started: May 29th

Completed: June 19th

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, Nightwatch

Pattern: Crosshatch Lace from More Sensational Knitted Socks

Needles: 1US Harmony dpns

Notes: I am kind of eh on them – I got sick of the pattern and they are a bit small on me – all my fault, I somehow made the foot too small, which is strange because I have made countless socks for myself. Ah well, they are pretty. I may just give them to my mom.

washed out shot

Sorry for the washed out shot, but it gives an interesting look at the pattern. Yes those are my stripey socks under them.

Smooshy is a lovely lovely yarn – I really like working with semi-solids. I don’t think I’m as gaga over it as everyone else in the knitting world, but it is a nice yarn. I think I might have liked this pattern & yarn better on a larger needle size, like a 1.5US or 2Us.

1 sock

I used the Reversi heel again – I love how it looks. The rest was just my regular sock pattern – top down, CO 72, 2×2 rib for an inch, cuff is about 7 inches, Reversi heel, regular toe. Not much else to say about them. It always seems to happen this way, I finish 2 projects at the same time and one I always like more than the other. Poor socks.

I started another pair this weekend for my “home” project.

Another boring pair of socks for CoffeeBoy, this time out of Gloss in Porchni. I’m actually a lot farther along now, I took this picture yesterday morning and worked on it all day, watching some Deadwood dvds – man, I miss that show so much. I caught the first episode on HBO last week and have been wanting to rewatch it all week. In any case, it’s a simple stockinette sock – I tried to get him to agree to a pattern or cables or even some stripes but no. Just plain brown socks. Sigh. But he does appreciate the socks I make for him – he wears the first pair at least once a week and always looks at me sadly when I’m working on other socks at home. So I guess it’s worth it, though I keep looking longingly at my hand dyed yarn while I’m working on them. I even offered up my All Raveled Up Sock Club’s CodeMonkey for him!


It’s actually a little darker than this, but definitly more “guy” colours. But CB wouldn’t go for it. Ah well.

Plain brown socks it is then.

After such a lovely weekend, it was difficult to get moving this morning (the cold & gray weather didn’t help).  Luckily I had some cheerful socks to keep me company on the train ride in.

This is the wonderful Reversi Socks from Jen at 144 Inches of I-Cord.  I’m mixing up my commuter socks a bit – first of all, no I haven’t finished the Not Quite Knee-Highs – though I do work on them at the movies (Ironman last weekend – love it!) or in the car.  Second, I’ve moved away from the plain stockinette socks I normally do. I just needed something a little more interesting to do on the train and this pattern is very easy to follow and looks great.

(yes, those are my dvds in the back ground, as well as the new project CB is doing – ripping out the the wood paneling so we can paint the walls)

Anyway, I love these socks and I really enjoy working with Gloss – it’s my first time & it’s lovely, though I need to be careful when washing it – I normally wash my handknits in cold on gentle and air dry them, but some of my older socks even shrunk in that and I hear that Gloss has the same problem.  I’ve been moving towards orange lately (colour of the week!) – I’m currently wearing an orange tshirt & a skirt with orange in it and my recent Malabrigo Silky Merino has a lot of orange in it.  It’s funny, it’s just not a colour I’m normally drawn to; I guess I’m trying to expand my colour palette more than the greens/blues/purples/reds I seem to get. (See previous post for an example of that.)

I did recently realize that most of my projects I’m working on are in KnitPicks yarn – do you think I have a problem or something?  I did start a new project this weekend in non Knit Picks yarn, but I’ll wait until it can have it’s own post before talking about it.

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