Today is my last full day in Massachusetts.  While I am excited to go back home to Portland, there are a lot of things I am very sad to leave behind here.  It has been a great experience, living on the East Coast after living in the West all my life and while not perfect, has had more good than bad.

My friends

I’ve known Debb for nearly half my life – we’ve had so many adventures in our early 20s, living in OR – trips to LA, exploring Portland, where I knew I would make my home one day, and just goofy things to amuse ourselves.  After she returned to MA, we kept in touch – my now ex was one of her close friends so I visited a couple of times and her & her husband took a cross country trip and visited me in OR.  So it was a wonderful coincidence that I ended up living near her again.  I didn’t get to see her as often as I would have liked – life gets in the way – but I will miss knowing she is nearby.

I will also miss other knitty friends I wish I could have gotten to know more – Britt, Amanda, and Marianne.  I don’t care what people say – I don’t think the East Coasters are more rude than West Coasters.  Nearly everyone I’ve met out here has been fantastic.

My job


my office

my office

I really lucked into my job here – I was a temp & this was the third temp job I had.  I loved nearly everything about it – it was challenging & fun and I worked with fantastic people.  After a year, I got my first office.  I was so sad to leave it – even the chairman as well as the president both sent me a very nice emails saying how much they’ll miss me, which made me feel really good.  Very different from when I left my previous job.  My biggest worry (with good reason) is finding a job that I will love as much as this one out in Portland.

The Sox

Yes, I can be a Sox fan in Oregon.  It won’t be the same – it’s not like I can turn on the games every time they play.  I only wish I could have seen a game at Fenway.  I’ll just miss living in a sports town honestly – I’m really not a huge sports fan (except the Sox) but it has been fun following all the teams.  I have my sports memorabilia – several Sox items, a pair of Celtic sweats (that I honestly bought because I got caught in a downpour in a light coloured linen skirt – oops) and some Pats slipper socks (a Christmas gift).


Okay, so I only went there twice & ordered online from once – but just the fact that I lived in the state with the biggest yarn store just made me happy.  If I had a car here, I probably would have made many more trips.  Other places that are just out here I’ll miss – Dunkin’ Donuts (large iced coffee – black), Au BonPain (love the sandwiches) and Windsor Button & Woolcott & Co as well as many restaurants – Ricardo’s, Blue Taleh, Mela, Maggiano’sDesfina – really it’s no wonder I’ve gained so much weight out here!

The History

I am such a history nut and it’s been really exciting to live where so much US history has taken place (I’ve been reading a lot about the Founding Fathers – especially John & Abagail Adams).  Yes, Portland has it’s own history, but seeing buildings that are nearly 400 years old is very exciting to me, after living in the West.

But, most of all, I will miss my dearest friend & love.  CoffeeBoy will not be joining me for an undetermined amount of time and that makes me dreadfully sad.  When we moved out here, we lived together for a year, but because of opposite work schedules and separate friends, we didn’t seem to spend much time together.  But here, we live a bit far from our friends and our work schedules were the same so 90% of our free time was spent together.  And, after living alone for several years, I never thought I would get used be in the company with the same person day after day but now…I can’t see myself without him.  We’ve never even been separated by more than a week since we met  nearly 3 years ago & I just don’t know what I’m going to do.  😦  I feel so silly saying that but it’s true.

Okay!  No more sad things.  A couple of things I will not miss:

  • My neighbors.  They’re not as horrible as some, but I’m so sick of dealing with them.
  • The commute.  I spent 3-4 hours getting to & from work each day.
  • Most Masshole drivers.  Luckily, I rarely dealt with them while driving, but I’ve witnessed some of the asshole things people do in their cars.
  • The super dry winters – my skin gets so dry it hurts – as well as the super humid summers – icky sweaty all the time.
  • Lack of excellent coffee – nothing has been as good as the artisan coffee back in Portland.

Tomorrow I get on a plane to Portland with Mina so my internet usage will be limited for awhile.  Wish me luck!



The view out my office window

The view out my office window



It has been super cold here for the past weeks.  Man, it’s times like these I’m glad I knit – when I would leave for work last week (at -3 degrees, not including wind chill) I had on pretty much every wooly thing I own.  Right now it feels like a heatwave at 25 degree.  I’m working from home today though – while our office is open, the building is closed for the holiday and I just don’t feel like dealing with the foot of new snow outside.  So while I’m pretty busy, at least I can take breaks knitting or surfing the web without anyone looking at me strangely.

I finally have started a new project just for me – it’s been months!  And it’s even a sweater,  because, well, I need it!


the very begining of a project

the very begining of a project

It’s the begining of Amelia with the Valley Superwash I bought way back in September with my mom.  Actually, I had started the famous Sunrise Circle Jacket but I screwed up and just frogged it.   I still want to make it at some point, but I got really frustrated and decided to go with something a bit easier.  It’s taking forever to get past the 2 inches of garter stitch over 221 stitches – I really have been spoiled by socks.  Still, I love the look of this sweater, so I’m pushing through.

I did complete a non knitting project over the weekend.


Red Sox Nation!

Red Sox Nation!


Don’t be too impressed, this literally took me 2 hours – just two 2 yard pieces of fleece knotted together.  No sewing involved!  My mom makes these for me all the time and I decided, since there is 90% chance I will be moving come March (more details once it’s confirmed) I needed a Red Sox blanket before I leave.  I’ve been wrapped in it all weekend – nice & cozy.

I also finished some socks for my best friend, but they are currently blocking so hopefully I’ll have pictures later this week.

Okay back to work.  Have a good week y’all.

Work is kicking my ass this week.  Seriously.  I have plans for some nice interesting posts…but too bloody exhausted to do them during the week.  But I thought I’d share some images of things that have amused me this week.


Someone at Starbucks HQ must be a knitter

Someone at Starbucks HQ must be a knitter


Everyone in MA needs a scarf.

Everyone in MA needs a scarf.



Friends rule.

My oldest friend and me., waiting for our SOs.



New yarn love.

New yarn love.

Nearly every morning on my walk to work (okay, on my walk to Starbucks), I pass this lonely bird swimming all by him/herself.


It’s just odd to me, since I generally only see flocks of geese together, not one all on it’s own, especially all the time.  Maybe it’s been outcast?  So I decided this bird is my morning buddy. He (though I suppose it might be a female – I’m not a bird expert to say the least) always swims up to me, hoping I have some food.

I never do.

So he swims away

I totally have knitting related stuff to post (my second trip to WEBS – woohoo!) but no pictures to post with it.  I didn’t even take pictures of our road trip!  But hopefully when I’m actually home when it’s daylight this weekend, I can get some shots of my lovely new stash enhancements…though only one small skein for me (sock yarn, I know you are shocked.)

Work has also been nuts – it’s so strange for me, talking on the phone with people I see on TV all the time (CNN for the most part) to invite them to speak.  I mean, our CEO is on CNBC quite a bit in fact – which is weird to see him there – but getting a phone call from a CNN political analyst takes the cake.  I’m still enjoying my job for the most part, other than a lot of the times I don’t know what the hell I’m doing – my direct boss quit last September and I’ve been picking up a lot of her work – stuff I don’t feel I’m qualified for!  I seem to be muddling through, trying to stay out of fights between my two direct VPs, which, unsurprising, happens a lot.

At least there’s a 4 day weekend coming up…

I did not go to Rhinebeck. I had thought I would until a couple of weeks ago.  I just didn’t have the money, nor, to be completly honest, the desire to buy more yarn.  Am I sick?  Perhaps.  Honestly, it’s begining to stress me out, having all these projects still.  I mean, I’ll still get my sock yarns from my clubs and maybe some holiday project items but really, I need to cut back in a serious way. But my weekend was not spent moping around.   

Saturday was filled with chocolate.

a table full of chocolate!

a table full of chocolate!

I went with some lovely ladies to a Chocolate Buffett, I’ve written about it before.  It was a smaller group than usual but still a great time.

One of my (many) plates.

One of my (many) plates.

We then did our post-chocolate routine of shoe shopping at Downtown Crossing.

We did not buy this shoe.

We did not buy this shoe.

And the it was off to Lush, where I spent some of my Rhinebeck savings on Lushy stuff – a nice trade off, I supose.  I will admit I did stop at Windsor Button before the meetup to pick up the Holiday Interweave Knits and I finally found Franklin‘s book!

The next day I continued my One Day Project Sunday with a snowman.

Hello there.

Hello there.


Started & Finished: October 19th

Yarn:  Mission Falls 1824, white and leftover sock yarn (held double) for the hat & scarf.

Pattern: Snowmen from KnitPIcks

Needles: Size 4US for the body, Size 3US for the scarf & hat

Notes:  I actually saw the prototypes of the cute little Snowmen way back in July when I visited Melissa at Knit Picks – she either created them or test knit them – I can’t remember!   Anyway, they were super cute so I had to make one when I saw they were avaiable.  This is the Rosey one, although I just gave her a scarf and hat instead of her little capelet.  I also didn’t realize it was felted until after I picked up some Mission Falls 1824…oops.  Superwash.  So I knit her at a pretty tight guage and I think that worked okay.  I used some left over sock yarn (finally!  Something to do with it!) for the hat & scarf.  Posey will be a gift, but I’llprobably be making more of them.  Super quick project.

So it was no Rhinebeck, but still a nice weekend.  Friends, chocolate, Lush, & knitting…it worked out just fine for me. 🙂

It’s been a bit of an upsetting week at work – there were several unexpected layoffs yesterday, 10 people (out of an office of about 60 I think – it’s hard to know how many people actually work in the office) that threw us all for a loop.  Luckily, no one from my department (at least that I work directly with) was laidoff but many people, some who had been here for 10+ years, were affected.  It’s really sad and I’m not sure how to feel – first of all I’m pretty new and I haven’t worked with a lot of these people directly, like many of my close friends have, and I feel almost guilty for just getting hired and many more experienced people getting the ax.  That’s the way of the business world I guess, but doesn’t make it any easier.  One of the girls I’ve become friendly with – she’s a knitter – was not someone I would think would be affected, as she is the only one who does that particular job.  It’s hard being here.  Those in my department (there are 4 currently at the office, one is on maternity leave) went out for lunch and drinks just to discuss it yesterday – it’s nice we’re so close but on the other hand, sad because our dept was not directly affected like so many others.

Sorry for the ramble, but if I can’t do it here, where can I?

I might be away from the blog for a bit as we are going to be heading back to Oregon for a holiday (not great timing, given what’s happened at the office but we planned it back in April).  But it will be a relief to get away for a bit and I desperately miss Portland and my family.  I just don’t know how much I’ll be able to post but I should have some nice FOs to show off.  Probably socks. And maybe some new yarn from Twisted.  Probably sock yarn. I think I’m stuck in groove with that. 🙂  Anyway, I’ll be in OR from July 1st through the 8th, part of the time in Eugene with my family, part of the time in Portland.

Have a good week everyone!

More than just when I’m outside. In my overheated rush to post last weekend, I completely forgot to write about what CoffeeBoy and I did before the heat wave hit. And since it’s pretty slow here at work this week (most of my team are out of town) I thought I’d tell you a bit about it.

On Friday night we made our way to the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts for a Couples Cooking Class (which I must hasten to point out was not some mad idea of mine, but actually CB’s). You see, over the past year, we’ve become big foodies – we try to go out to a nice dinner once a week and usually take turns cooking the rest of the week – trying out new dishes and spices. Not to mention IronChef and Top Chef are must see TV in our household, as well as a host over other cooking and food shows (we usually watch Tyler and Jamie Oliver on Saturday mornings; CB enjoys Bobby Flay (I think he’s a dink, but I like some of his dishes); I like Alton Brown (CB does not); we both worship Anthony Bourdain). So we thought we try learning some new cooking techniques and the attraction of using a big commercial kitchen and equipment and no of washing dishes was a deciding factor.

It was so much fun! We chose the Asian cooking class -not our first choice, but the classes fill up fast and it was open when we decided to do it a month ago. There were 3 other couples and each couple choses a dish from the list and gets help from the instructors in putting it together. We actually chose two – while I like to cook, I really love to do pastries and deserts (oddly, I don’t really have much of sweet tooth but I like putting together pretty deserts). While we both worked together on them, CB mostly did the Spicy Pork dish with rice noodles (like Pad Thai actually) and I mostly did a Egg Custard Tart. The instructor’s assistant was a pastry student so that was great – I hadn’t made too many pastry crusts, and she was probably happy to work with me since she actually didn’t know that much about Asian cooking. I think the custards turned out pretty well, but they took so long, they were still pretty warm when we ate them. They would have been much better if they were chilled. Our main dish was okay – I mean it was good, but I think the noodles ended up a bit soggy (my fault, I let them soak too long while I was playing with the pastry dough.) We picked up a lot of preparation tips – some of them were so “Duh! Why didn’t we realize that?” and I can’t wait to try them out at home when I actually feel like cooking at home again.

We both had a great time – there was drinks (sake and Japanese beer) and lots of great food – at the end, all the couples share their dishes. While the other couples would not usually be the people we would hang out with, they were pleasant enough and I think everyone had fun. I wish I would have taken pictures, but we were much too busy! As soon as we got home, we immediately signed up for another – French Cooking this time, which CB is very excited about (my vote was for the Healthy Cooking, going on at the same time but alas). It isn’t until mid July though. They also have a Wine & Cooking one in August but sadly, it is filled up now.

In another news…

Clapotis is done. Finally. Just in time for the hottest day of the heat wave. More details and pictures tomorrow or the next day

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