I didn’t talk about my kitty Mina a whole lot on this blog.   But she was always a big part of my life and my constant companion since she was a baby kitten.  This morning I had to say goodbye to her and my heart aches.

I got her from the Eugene Humane Society way back in 1995.  She was such a tiny little thing and in fact, wasn’t even my first choice of a kitten to adopt.  I had another kitty that I was going to adopt, but that kitten had already been adopted, so I chose the little black cat that cried all the way home.  But I never regretted for a single second that I ended up with her.

Mina and her new toy

I named her Mina, after the character in Dracula.  And she ended up being the best cat for me.  She was bratty & sweet and loved to play with her toys. And eat!  She was shy around strangers – she always hid when someone other than me was in the apartment or house.

mina, staring me down

She saw me though good times & bad – moving so many times, including a cross country move & back, relationships that started & ended, the death of my father and of course meeting & moving in with CoffeeBoy.   CB was never a cat fan, but he grew to love her just as much as me.

Mina & Chris

The past 6 months or so, I knew she wasn’t do so well she was losing a lot of weight & having other issues but there would be times when she would be perfectly fine, playing and eating normally. But the since mid-October, she started getting worse & worse. I took her to the vet & they basically said (in a very kind way, I loved them) there wasn’t much they could do for her, considering her age. But she still seemed like herself & not in pain so I brought her home. I’ve been giving her fluids & we’ve been keeping her safe & loved and with us at all times.
I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Are we ever?
This morning I hugged her goodbye before I left for work and after discussing it with a dear friend at work who just lost her kitty last weekend, I knew we had to not be selfish & just bring her to the vet for the last time, as much as it hurt.
2 hours later, CB called me & told me she passed away.

I’m glad it was at home & she was with someone who loved her. I didn’t want it to be a vet’s office as much as it hurts right now.  She never liked to leave & it made sense to have her long & loved life end here.

It’s therapeutic writing this all down today, even though I’m crying my eyes out – writing always helps, I did something similar after my father passed away.
It’s just so hard to not think of her greeting me when I come home or following me around the house wanting food or attention. Hardest will be at night, as she always slept right next to me.
What is this?
Goodbye sweetheart. Thank you for spending your life with me and I will never ever forget you.