So apparently I am on a sweater making kick these last couple of months – I realized last week that I haven’t even finished a pair of sock this year!  I think it’s mainly because I pretty much only knit at home now – odd, considering where I work.  When I was in MA, I was on a train for up to 2 hours a day, which made for great sock knitting.  Now I have to drive to work & when I’m at home, I feel the need to work on bigger projects – or really short ones that take like an evening to complete – see my abundance of toys.

I mean I do have a pair of socks I work on during meetings or when I’m out & about:

GothSocks - I'm even doing toe up two at a time for the first time!

They just don’t get much love on them when I’m at home.

Instead, I’m doing sweaters…or more accurately vests.

Ravelry Red Vest

Started: April 25th

Finished: May 5th

Yarn:  Malabrigo Worsted in Ravelry Red, less than 3 skeins

Pattern: Back-to-School U-Neck Vest by Stefanie Japel

Needles: Size 7US & 5US

So one Sunday afternoon, I was restless.  I wanted to get out of the house & didn’t really have anywhere in particular to go.  So…why not go to Twisted?  I actually went to look at some of the new Blue Moon they had gotten in (I’ve been thinking about making Rooibus and I wanted to see if they had any of the called for yarn – De-Vine.  They did, but the colors didn’t grab me) and to see the lovely sweater sample of The Traveling Sweater.  And I while I was there I began poking around the worsted weight yarns.  I’ve been wanting to make this vest, pretty much since I got the Fitted Knits book – I even had semi-planned some of the new yarn colors for it, but I won’t get that until late summer. But after Rilana finished hers, it jumped to the front of my queue again.

I really wanted red.  I wandered around Twisted for quite awhile, trying to make decision.  I even had a coversation with the ladies there about my Ravelry bag I was carrying, so I was almost embarrassed that this particular Malabrigo was the one I settled on.  “Hi!  I’m a huge Ravelry Dork!”  But it really was the perfect red.

I realized that, while I love Malabrigo, I’ve never actually made a garment out of it.  I’ve also never used the more semi solid colors.  It was love at cast-on.

I also overbought.  I bought 5 skeins – yes, I don’t know what I was thinking, as it took less than 3.  So now I have some extra, for a lovely hat & scarf or something.  Malabrigo – there’s really nothing like it.  And price-wise it wasn’t bad, which is why I went with it (I was tempted by Dream in Color Classy but that was nearly twice as much)

I did a ton of mods to the pattern – you can see my notes here if you really want to know – and I love how it came out.  I’ve never really worn vests until recently (starting with My Vest, finished earlier this year.)  Now I’m a vest fool – my next few sweater projects are planned out & most of the ones I have the yarn for already are vests.

It certainly was perfect weather to wear them this past week here – seriously, it felt like it was February again.  Plus another reason to love making vests – I don’t get stuck in sleeve land! 🙂

This was the quickest I’ve ever finished a garment – yeah it’s a worsted weight vest.  But only 10 days?  Record for me.

Now I have a new project on the needles – Watershed by Amy Swensen.  Yes it’s vest-ish as well.  I may have a problem.  It’s also lace.  I’m really broadening my horizons I guess!