So, um, hi.

I took a bit of an unintentional break from this blog – I think between blogging for work, Project 365, and Twitter/Ravelry/etc, I just didn’t have the energy.  I’ve also been keeping to myself a lot lately in my personal life – I’ve been in a funk for the past couple of months – and since this is my personal blog, I just didn’t feel like writing about myself.  I almost thought about giving it up completely but I do really miss having a space of my own to write – it feels more private than something like Facebook – even though it’s really not.

So I thought I’d finally resurrect the blog to show off a FO that I have been working on since July.  How sad is that?  But finally, it’s done & my first sweater in over a year

Tabby Calluna

Started: July 25 2009

Finished: March 13 2010

Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed HW in Tabby

Pattern: Calluna, with major mods.

Needles: Size 7US

Notes:  Of course I didn’t work on this nonstop since July – I may be a slow knitter but I’m not that slow.  First it was the horrible heat that went on at that time last year.   Then after working on it for awhile, it was time for holiday knitting.  Then I did a bunch of small things for myself because of all that holiday knitting.  Finally in February I picked it back up & worked pretty much nonstop on it because I was worried I would never finish it if I didn’t & I did really want this sweater.


It was worth it – I’m so in love with this.

I did a tons of mods – pretty much I decided halfway through that I really just wanted another Amelia on the top, so this sweater is a combination of both.

  • I followed the pattern for Calluna to the armholes. I made two inadvertent changes because I wasn’t paying attention – did seed stitch for the back panel instead of moss & made the top cable smaller (I also added a an inch to the length but that was on purpose)
  • I set it aside and started the sleeves. Cast on 45 stitches each, knit in garter for 3 inches, then started st stitch – I wasn’t going to moss or seed for the entire sleeves. eek. Increased 2 stitches every inch & knit for 19 inches because I wanted long sleeves & I have monkey arms.
  • Attached sleeves just like Amelia. Decreased on arms every row to the end.

  • I started the button holes sooner & made more than either pattern. I wish I had just started at the bottom though.

  • I did not want a shawl collar but I did want it higher than Amelia. I pretty much followed Calluna again & tried on the sweater until I figured out how high I wanted it, then put the band on holders & decreased like Calluna.

I love this yarn – honestly it’s my favorite sweater yarn.  It’s so so so soft & cuddly – it did grow, as expected with an alpaca blend but I don’t care.  I love tweedy yarn & I love how the cables look in it

Granted, I won’t get as  much wear out this sweater as I’d want to – spring is on the way! But still I plan on putting it on as much as possible.

I felt so embarrassed how long it too me to finish this that I’ve set a challenge for myself – knit a garment  within two weeks.  See, while I did participate in the Ravelrylmpics, I don’t feel I challenged myself as much as should have.

While I love them (it’s the Temple Cats pattern & I adapted it for some matching mitts) I finished them in like 5 days.  So now it’s time to step up in my own little knitalong

Okay, so it’s sleeveless, but it is in DK weight – it’s still a challenge for me.  Funny enough, I didn’t plan it this way but it’s the same designer as my Olympics project – Suzanne Frary, who is awesome.  And yes, it’s City Tweed again.  I’m not normally a vest wearer or a color yellow wearer but I really like this pattern.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I’m planning on combining it with my Project 365 too – only taking photos of myself is a little boring (there are a lot of pictures of my feet) so I figure this with reinvigorate me with it.

So that’s all the knitting news!  Hopefully I won’t go as long between posts again.