I have seriously been slacking on the photographing projects & yarn both for here & for Ravelry. Not quite sure why – I have way better areas to photograph stuff outside (um, my neighbors can’t see me when I haul yarn or do goofy poses in front of my camera) and it’s not like I’ve stopped buying yarn or anything.  I try to pretend I don’t by working through my stash but yeah, I’m still obtaining yarn either from work or because I just need something from Twisted.  I also try to pretend it’s because the weather hasn’t been great when for me to take pictures of them outside but since it was hailing when I took these photos, that’s not really holding up. (Yes I have a covered porch)

So enough of the non excuses.  A couple of weeks back, I was on the Knit Picks podcast again (always fun) talking about Impractical Knits.  Well, that fits these, at least for me at the moment.

Glossy Grove

Started: Oct 4th

Completed:  Oct 10

Yarn: Knit Pick Gloss HW in Aegean

Pattern: Grove by Jared Flood

Needles: 6US

Notes:  I fell in love with this pattern the minute I saw it.  It’s the reason I bought Made In Brooklyn actually.

And while these would have been perfect when I lived in MA & taking public transit in the freezing cold, I don’t think they will get much use here.  I drive to work and, baring some freak storm, it doesn’t get that cold here.

But they were very fun to make – the pattern is excellent.  And I used my favorite KP yarn at the moment, Gloss HW, which made it even better.   It is larger than the yarn called for but I have big hands anyway.  And how gorgeous is this color?

It matches the My Wave Cowl I made & I have about a ball left that might be enough to do a matching Ripley (rav link).

So that’s one project done & photographed at least – I have a couple more goofy things (more DangerCrafts toys) that I’ll post about later.  I’m currently working on Christmas gifts – I think I’m doing okay on that front, but ask me again in a month & I’ll probably be freaking out, like always.

One last note – I got some fantastic news last week in regards to work.  I got a promotion!  No longer will you hear my sexy voice (heh) on the customer service line (sorry J.P., you’ve missed the boat 😉 ) I will now be working directly with Knit Picks on a very exciting new project.  I am so happy, it’s going to be so much fun!  Not too many details yet – I can’t for a bit yet plus the one downside is I don’t get to start until mid November.   I am so very lucky – I couldn’t get anyone to call me back for a job when I started applying here & now I’m working for a company I already really loved and I get to work with a kick ass bunch people.  Plus – it’s all about knitting & yarn! 😀  What could be better?