What do you do when you’re sick and sad & lonely because there’s no one to take care of you or even talk to?

You become one of those weirdos who creates their own friends.

It hasn’t been a great week – mostly because I’ve been sick (not H1N1 or anything, but pretty miserable for most of the week).  And I’ve fallen in love with the Danger Crafts creatures (so much I started my very first Ravelry group for them) So I spent most of the week in isolation (to keep whatever I had to myself) making several for gifts…and for myself.

First is Crowley.  He’s my favourite.

His favourite book is Good Omens, which he is named after.  I used some old Merino Style I had in the stash, so he’s soft & sweet.

watching the rain

watching the rain

This pattern is Frances The Charismatic Monster.

Then there’s Greeny Maddox

He’s slightly big & dopey but loves everyone around him.  He also thinks  the Toy Story movies are the greatest ever (Rex is his favourite).  I used some beautiful Araucania Limari (alpaca, silk, merino – yum) I bought on clearance at Tuesday Morning & while I could have saved it for a scarf or something, I decided it should be a big green monster instead.  He was going to be for one of my nephews but, while this is such soft yarn, it’s not great for a messy 4 year old.  So now he’s my hugable monster

This pattern is Maddox The Mischievous Monster.

Finally these guys:

They are the intellectuals of the bunch & sit around discussing their relatives, the polar bears.  I used some Comfy in the stash & are going to my youngest niece for Christmas.

Both are from the pattern Herman the Enigmatic Bear.

I should work on other Christmas presents but honestly I can’t stop making these guys.  While I’m feeling a little better, my brain is still fuzzy so these lovely pattern fit the bill.