So I’ve been moody this week – just a lot of stress & negativity seems to be surrounding me and getting me down.  It’s nothing really horrible, don’t worry. I am usually a pretty cheerful person & I do my best to keep my annoyance & frustration to myself instead of taking it out on poor unsuspecting people…although it seems like I am the poor unsuspecting person on the receiving end of a lot other people’s negativity.  So when that happens I like to  make silly things to cheer me up, even when I have a ton of other projects I’d like to finish in this lifetime.

First there was the pickle…

Fredrick the Giant Pickle

Started: September 11

Completed: a few hours later

Yarn: a random partial ball – I’m pretty sure it’s Swish Worsted

Pattern: Christmas Pickle Ornament

Needles: size 4US Zephyrs

Notes:  So we have this pickle ornament pattern & I had to make it. Why? I have no idea, I don’t even like pickles.  Still, I added some eyes & Fredrick was created.  Actually, there is an accessory that several us in the office are making in different yarn weights, so I of course I had to have something to fit it. (Not trying to be mysterious, just some fun silly things we are doing. I love my job) Anyway, he’s sized up – worsted instead of fingering & on size 4s instead of 2s but everything else is the same.  He now sits on my desk & cheers me when I’m having one of those days.

A week or so ago, I got interviewed for the KP podcast again, talking about unusual knits (the podcast won’t be up for at least a couple of weeks). I got to talking about Mochimochiland & especially my Grass Guy.  Yesterday I was particularly down & decided another Grass Guy was needed.


Started:  September 17

Completed: September 18

Yarn: Another random ball, I think this is Cascade 128

Pattern: Grass

Needles: Size 8US

Notes: This pattern just cheers me right up.  I means it’s just so silly & quick – Mo is my third grass guy.  He is a lot bigger than his brother, the Original Grass Guy Who Never Got A Name But I Just Decided To Call Him Jo.

Plus, Mo has better eyes, now that I discovered a place to get plain black safety eyes.  I hate doing embroidery.   He’s squishy & soft so I think he’ll join Fredrick & Little Boo at my desk so I can something to hug on those bad days.

Then this isn’t finished yet because he needs legs.

he is scared of legs & wants to stay in the grapevines

he is scared of legs & wants to stay in the grapevines

Right now it’s just the Giant Grape but it’s going to be one of the Monster Chunks by Dangercraft.  I love those patterns as much as the Mochimochi ones so I think my nieces & nephews will get some of those for Christmas.

I have no plans this weekend so I am hoping to actually finish a big sewing project during that time 🙂   Not to mention some knitting projects to work on…but I have some movies and a new audio book to keep me going, not to mention a lovely rainy day tomorrow (before we go back up to the 90s – BOO!  I want fall!  I can’t even wear my new knitwear yet!).  Have a lovely negative free weekend everyone!