Well, I ended up not taking pictures until today – lots of little things and some stupid family drama pretty much killed my desire to blog or even photograph my knits.  But now I have some fall items to show off.

First the Sunny Cabley Beret I mentioned in the last post

Sunny Cabley Beret

Started: August 26

Completed: September 5th

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Heavyweight Mill End

Pattern: Laurel by Jared Flood

Needles:  Size 3 & 7 US

see? I smile in photos sometimes.
see? I smile in photos sometimes.

Notes:  I love this hat.  This actually had started as a different cabled hat but then I picked up Made In Brooklyn and immediately had to make this one.  Believe it or not, this is the first big cabling project I’ve actually completed – what I mean is more than just doing a 4 stitch cable every six rows or so. Funny, because I love doing cables so much – keep your colorwork, your lace, I’ll take beautiful cables anytime.

And of course the yarn is a delight.  It’s a bit thinner than what was called for so mine is a bit more floppy but I don’t mind.  I did go down a needle size for the ribbing so it would stay on my giant head.

Be warned, if you have Made In Brooklyn, there is some errors in the pattern – nothing too huge but the chart key is incomplete.  I pretty much figured it out on my own, but there is now errata for it.

Next up…more fall wear:

My Wave

Started: September 4

Completed: September 8

Yarn: KnitPicks Gloss HW in Aegean, a little over 1 ball

Pattern: Wave Cowl

Needles: Size 9US

Notes:  I have been in love with this yarn since I first got to squish it a few months ago.  And the color…photos can’t capture the glowingness of this.

until I took this photo, I didnt notice the short row stitches standing out that much.
until I took this photo, I didn’t notice the short row stitches standing out that much.

My original intent was to make a scarf version of the Every Way Wrap from the new IK.  I did one repeat…and hated it.  So I decided a cowl was a way to go instead.  I don’t really like knitting scarves anyway.

This pattern was really fun – I’m one of those weirdos who love to do short rows (though obviously they can use some work). and I love how it turned out.

I look derranged.
I look derranged.

Obviously, I would get more use wearing it like this in MA rather than out here (unless we get another crazy snow storm this year) but it’s still a lovely item to have around my neck when it’s chilly.

A couple more little projects in a future post…and now it’s time to work nonstop on Calluna.  After another brief heatwave, it’s hopefully going to be fall now and I am loving Calluna so much.

Funny, I realized I haven’t really been working on socks all that much.  My purse project is the same damn socks I worked on at Sock Summit, but I’m determine to slog through them before casting on for any more.