It was a lovely cool grey weekend (serious…NW girl through & through) and Fabric Depot had a big sale…and I had a long awaited sewing playdate on Sunday with a friend…what do you think I did all weekend?

First, the sale got me.  I seriously roamed around the store for like 2 hours, putting things in my basket, taking stuff out, trying to convince myself I do not need every single Amy Butler fabric they had, even if it was marked down.  Near the end of my wanderings, I ran across this kick ass fabric & knew it had to be a new bag for me.

It is now one of my top 3 favourite things I’ve made, it’s just so funky & fun.

At Sock Summit, I kept seeing these really neat project bags that several people I know bought…but I thought I could make something similar.  A friend found this really fun pattern & showed it to me so I decided to try it out.

I like them.  It’s great for hanging off my wrist to knit from – like at the movies or walking around, but I like my drawstrings better for actually carrying my knitting  – the top of the new one doesn’t close so if I stuff it in my purse, it gets all messy.  And yes, those are my Blue Moon buttons on there – I could not for the life of me find my entire pack of hand sewing needles to put an actual button on them.  I did finally find them, but now I kinda like having a good use for my Sock Summit flair.

Then I made a skirt – it’s from the Amy Butler pattern I made my first one from.  I figured, hey, may as well use some of AB fabric & try it out.

While I do like it, the fraying bit is going to take some time to get used to.  Hopefully it will look better after it actually frays.

I doubt I will actually make this pattern again – I didn’t enjoy it & probably could have done a better job on it.

I also probably should have not drank beer while sewing it up.

Mina still does not approve.

Mina still does not approve.

Then on Sunday, Carmel (that would be the NOPO Gal of the title) came over for a long planned sewing playdate!  I’m probably not the best person to show someone how to sew – I only started sewing a little over a month ago myself. But I gave it a go & Carmel made her first kickass rockstar bag.

How fun is this fabric?

She did a great job – I think I have her hooked. 🙂

We grilled up some yummy pizza with her boy (who spent much of the time chatting online with my boy – I don’t think he was excited about our girly craft time.) I have really gotten into grilling pizza – it is so much better than trying to bake it in the oven & even more fun with friends.  And beer.

Check one of our creations out (photo by Carmel)

mmmmm....bacon pizza....

You can read more about our creations on Carmel’s blog post!

So all in all, it was a great relaxing weekend.  I still have all this:

So many possibilities to ponder….