Sorry, I meant to get this up yesterday but…I was lazy I guess.

So if you heard me on the KnitPicks podcast (thought I’d get that little plug in there again 🙂 ) you already know about some of my purchases.  It’s pretty ridiculous, I don’t NEED more yarn (especially sock yarn, especially after going to the Knit/Crochet Show and Black Sheep Gathering in the last couple of months)  But seriously?  it was so hard to resist.

I am not alone in this.  Since I had a vendor pass, I had a good view of when they first opened the doors to the marketplace.

Tina & Stephanie open the doors

Let the madness begin!

I tried to be good.  I really did.  But I think I lost my head a bit.

notice that bright orange? that's from hanging out with Cristi all weekend.

If you click on the photo, you can see notes on all the lovely goodness.  I’ll highlight a few – the ones I spoke about on the podcast actually – they are my faves.

Well first Blue Moon is crack.

Yes, even after my 5 skeins at Black Sheep, I bought more – 1 Rare Gems (left) and 2 Mill Ends.  The HW in the middle looks really loose because I actually was going to wind it & have Cristi show me some cool cast ons she learned to make a hat.  Sadly, we ran out of time.  I still started a hat though, but that’s for another post.

Will I end up getting more STR at Oregon Flock & Fiber too?  Probably…

While I didn’t score any Bugga! (Actually, I didn’t really try – I didn’t find the booth until Saturday I think.  The marketplace is huge!), I did buy a hard to get yarn  – Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs Goth Socks!  They were nearly sold out when I got this on…Friday? Saturday? I can’t remember. These totally bring me back to my goth days (these colors remind me so much the GBF wh0 I used to go dancing with all the time – they are his favourite colours and one of my very first projects was a red & black scarf for him).  I love the stripey black socks I’ve seen out of this but I could never manage to get my hands on them during an update…until now!

I scored Oh My Goth! – the cashmere blend.  I’m going to do these (gasp!) toe up with probably different heels & toes to see how long I can get them – they won’t be knee high by any means (grumble stupid long legs grumble stupid big feet grumble) but I think that they will be super fun.

And another cashmere blend…

Melanie’s new line of Lotus Yarns…Pin Ups.  This one is Rita & just screamed me – I love blues with browns & blacks.  I haven’t decided what to do with this but I may try a scarf with it – I want that luscious yarn around my neck!

The fun didn’t just stop with the yarn, oh no.  I got lots of toys too.

I’m going to put tags on this picture as well, so click away if you want to know.  The little bag in the top right was actually not a purchase – it was a lovely gift from Cristi!

I also purchased something I’ve wanted for awhile now – a cute little set from KaratStix!  I’ve been eyeing these on blogs & I know I could have asked for a more personalized one – probably with bats, what can I say? – but I just went with the cute little sheep instead

A new to me LYS in the area sells them – Dublin Bay – so maybe I will check out the actual store.

A couple of other things – a pattern magnet from Lotus Yarns (the Owls) and a pattern & button from Twisted – the pattern, Prarie House Shawl is by Portland’s own Star Athena.  I sat with the Twisted girls for the opening ceremonies & saw one of them working on it so the next day I immediatly bought it.  I actually even cast on for it for knitting night this week at Twisted – it’s a fun pattern.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the sock summit posts – it really was a once in a lifetime experience & one I will always remember.  Big thanks to the organizers & thank you to everyone who I got to experience it with who made it special.

I’m trying to get back to blogging more regularly and I have lots of new sewing projects & tons of knitting to show – I have startitis it seems.