Our fearless leaders - ST-1, Tina Newton & Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Our fearless leaders - ST-1, Tina Newton & Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Another really great thing at Sock Summit is seeing all these authors, designers & yarnies in one place – mingling, teaching, posing for picture after picture.  These are people I admire, learned to knit from, and giggled at their musings from afar. (I learned nearly every one of the knitterati I interacted with is funny as hell)  I didn’t get any photos of the 2 biggest draws for many people to the Sock Summit – namely Meg Swansen & Barbara Walker – but I did get to meet some fantastic people.

Side note:  I very rarely pose for pictures with someone. Why?  Because I freaking tower over everyone (see the Rubberneckers picture in the last post for an example).  Plus I was mostly wearing big clunky Mary Janes to show off my socks which added at least another inch or 2 to my height.

My first knitting class ever was with Anna Zil boorg & Tina Newton – I may as well start big!

It was such a fantastic class – Colorful Stitches.  It helped me look at color in different way – even a small thing like twisting different pieces of yarn together to see how it looks makes such a huge difference.

And I love Anna – I want to be her when I grow up.

We had a bit of excitement in the class – the poor woman next to me got stabbed with a knitting needle & required a trip to the ER (she is fine, she was joking about it later on Ravelry).   I did not get pictures of this though.  However, my one & only conversation with Tina was asking her “Is this how all knitting classes are like?”

I also got to meet Charlene Schurch, the whole reason I can actually knit socks.

Hi. Im a dork.

Hi. I'm a dork.

It was so awesome to meet her & I also took a class from her – Top Down Socks That Use Up All The Yarn.  I forgot my camera that day (sigh) so no photos from that.  I did learn some great tips & I know all you toe up sock people (you know who you are) will be delighted to know I learned Judy’s Magic Cast On.

A couple other people I had several interactions with:

Amy Singer, who I adore more than words can say.  I’ve met her before – she was in town a couple of years ago and Melissa and I went to the meet & greet to knit with her.  So it was fun hanging out with her at the Ravelry party – she is hysterical (I am now known as Local Girl).

Weird interaction I must share: my one and only conversation with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is not about how much I enjoy her work but instead “Have you seen Amy Singer?  I have her oatmeal.”

Another person I ran into all over the conference to the point where she & I were both saying to each other “I’m not stalking you!” was Sandi Wiseheart of Interweave.

But if I’m going to be stalked by someone, shouldn’t it be someone as sweet & adorable as Sandi?

Last but not least, the Ravelry bunch.

Jess (sorry about the closed eyes!), Casey and Me with the Bob stand in

Jess (sorry about the closed eyes!), Casey and Me with the Bob stand in

I felt more awkward about going up to them than almost anyone else – I’m just really shy about just going up to people & chatting with them, no matter if they are famous or not.  Cristi has no such qualms & made me pose with them anyway.

Mary-Heather & Me - I have no idea what that stupid look on my face is about.

But it was really great to meet them – I had a great conversation about beer & Portland with them and I want to thank Casey for letting me know who sang this song I hear all the time on the radio (it’s Mgmt by the way – he was playing it at the Ravelry party.  Great song.)

I’m home sick today but plan on uploading my photos for part 3…the purchases. I know you are dying to see how I embarrassed myself by gorging on yarn.