take your pick!

  1. Hell On Earth ’09 – our 10 day period of 90+ degree weather, including a lovely 4 days of 100+ temperatures with no relief at night.  The local newscasters thoughtlessly did not name our big news with a catchy title – such as Big Freeze ’08 last Christmas (seriously, I must have the worst luck in weather this year). So we came up with our own when attending a sweaty sweaty Sonic Youth show last week. (Fantastic performance though).  Hot house, hot car, no sleep – wasn’t pleasant
  2. Heat made it impossible to work on interesting crafty things – mostly just sat around and bitched.  Only moderately interesting knitting thing I’m working on is a project for work that I can’t photograph anyway.
  3. Also killed desire to photograph new skirts.  As soon I stepped in the house I immediately stripped down to boxer shorts & tank top.
  4. Also sadly killed most of the yard & garden. Except the monster sunflowers who really are going to take over soon.
  5. Work.  Love my job but takes up lots of time.  Luckily, I get paid to read Ravelry, twitter, Knitting Community, etc.  I’ll be blogging there as well.
  6. Facebook & twitter has taken over as forms of self indulgent news.
  7. Trying to clean house before visitors arrive.  The only person who’s been in my house since CB went back to MA is my mom.  Don’t want others to see how lazy I am.

With plans to meet lots of bloggers & have some fun, I hope to have more a interesting post next week.