I honestly do knit – like I said last time, it’s still my favourite crafty hobby.  Unfortunately, my current knitting project is a test knit so I can’t blog about it.  So how about some sewing?

I seem to have become obsessed.  Similar to knitting – I started small & really was attracted by the yarn first.  Sewing is the same way – fabric is what is getting me motivated & while I have started small, both in fabric pieces & projects (fat quarters, bags), I’m slowly moving on up.

I have a favourite small bag – perfect for just my wallet & phone, when I’m going grocery shopping & don’t need to bring my other essentials – knitting, water bottle, etc.  So I decided to make new one.

yes there are more birdies on there

yes there are more birdies on there

The fabric, once again, is from Ikea (seriously bad idea going there) and the pattern is The Personal Purse from Sew What! Bags.  I really prefer doing these kind of projects – I don’t need to mess with the pattern paper and there isn’t many pieces  to sew up.  All are squares!  It’s great!  I really love this book, I”m so glad I picked it up.

I also made my computer a carrying case, out of a couple of fat quarters.

With a cute lining.

It turned out okay – I messed up on the padding but I don’t carry my computer around to get it banged up very much anyway.

Then yet another bag.

This one is now my usual carrying around bag – it’s nice & big, I can stuff it full with everything I need at work.  It’s the City Satchel, again from Sew What! Bags. While I like Henry Lee, I wanted one a little wider with a bigger opening, which this one has. The only problem is I didn’t realize the corduroy I picked out was a stretchy kind so if I do another, I’m going to get one with more structure.

I picked up both the corduroy & the other fabric during my first visit to Fabric Depot.  Oh gods, even more of a mistake going there than Ikea.  Seriously – it’s like WEBS for fabric lovers.  A huge warehouse of fabric, notions, buttons, patterns…even yarn (though honestly not a very exciting selection to me – it is mostly craft store selection, but some more high end ones in there as well.  I just prefer my LYS or KnitPicks).  There’s also an outdoor sale with yards of fabric for $1.50 to $4.50 a yard – the corduroy was on the low end, I think it actually was $1.50.  It really is fantastic.  Though, like my trips to WEBS, I was completely overwhelmed when I first walked in.  Seriously fun stuff (I, uh, may have went back again today.)

I did, however decide then it was time to expand beyond bags (I also made a purse & some little drawstring bags for my sister & her kids, but I didn’t photograph them. Shame, really, they were really cute & my sister was delighted with the pink camo skull fabric I choose for her).  I choose the Amy Butler pattern for Barcelona Skirts and on Sunday, I was brave enough to try.

I think it worked out well.

I’m so excited I actually made something wearable that actually fits!  I was a little concerned on the sizing but when I tried it on, I danced around, wishing there was someone else to see it.  I tried to show Mina, but she was unimpressed.

The fabric is cute too.

I wore it to work today (I mostly wear skirts; it’s a pretty casual place but it’s so freaking hot here, skirts work out best for me.) and it was so comfortable, though I think next time I’ll use a thinner lining – it’s a little thick, though it’ll be nice on cooler days.

I ended up ordering Sew What! Skirts this week after flipping through it over the weekend at a cute little Eugene fabric store (where, sigh, I got more fabric for a skirt)  I think I’ll get more use out of skirts than yet another bag so I’m excited to start!

So that’s it for sewing for now.  I’ll leave you with my scary monster sunflowers that I think may be plotting to take over my house & garden.