So…I still do knit.

While I’m really enjoying sewing (I have a couple more bags to show off – thank you everyone for your compliments & suggestions I sell them.  They really are not good enough to sell – I’m not going to take pictures of my crooked stitches!  Maybe in the future – after I’ve been sewing longer than a week & half!), knitting really is my favorite crafty activity & I don’t really see that changing.  I even finished a couple of little projects this week.  Funny enough, while I won’t get much use out of these until the fall, I finished them up on cooler grey days so I put them both on immediately.

First up – no surprise – some socks.

Lunasea Socks

Started: June 15

Completed: July 8

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock – mediumweight in Lunasea

Pattern:  Just a plain pair, short row heel, plain toe.

Needles: Size 2US circ

Notes: Not really much to say about these – I’ve made so many pairs of plain socks but they are the best for movie/work knitting because I don’t have to pay attention to what I’m doing much.  I started off with 60 stitches, did a 6 inch cuff & a short row heel, finished with my usual foot & toe.  It did reaffirm my love of STR – I actually love how the colors worked out and I’m very excited for my class with Tina Newton at Sock Summit!  Plus I’ve noticed my STR socks have really held up  – STR, Opal, & various Knit Picks socks have survived multiple washings & wearings- I don’t wash them any different from the rest of my socks but they all are still very wearable.

After finishing these, I needed a new on the go project so I chose a hat.  I haven’t actually made a hat for awhile so it was fun.

City Tweed Shouch

Started: July 8

Completed: July 12

Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed HW in Jacquard – 1 ball

Pattern: Le Slouch (pdf) by Wendy Bernard

Needles:  size 7 & 9 US circs

Notes: So I really loved everything about this project.  This pattern has been in my queue for awhile & it just seemed perfect for this yarn.  It’s funny though, I’ve made several of Wendy Bernard’s patterns but I wasn’t that excited by her book – I checked it out from the library but didn’t see anything I wanted to immediately knit up.  Anyway, when looking at the projects on Ravelry, I didn’t see many that were as slouchy as I wanted so I added an extra inch on the body before beginning the decreases for that extra slouchy effect.

forgive sleepy puffy face - but how cute is my favorite mug?
forgive sleepy puffy face – but how cute is my favorite coffee  mug?

And the yarn…okay, I have been obsessed with trying this yarn since it was first released (before I started working there, I might add) and it did not disappoint.  I loved it – next to the skin soft & comfy & loved the texture & the tweedy bits.  I have two more balls of this color so I might make a matching scarf or cowl but then…well, I really don’t need to start another sweater but I am obsessed with the Calluna Cardigan.  It has some my favourite elements – cables & tweed plus it’s a cardigan!  I live in cardigans!  I’m trying to convince myself that the other sweaters I’ve started are more spring type sweaters while this is a fall sweater and should be done first.  And you know, since it’s work related, I shouldn’t feel bad about starting it.  Sigh.  I really want to start it, I do get paid this week…

As a note, while I do now work for the Knit Picks company, I want to point out that my gushing over the products has gone back years.  I’m not getting anything out of it.  I just wanted everyone to know that.

Now, back on the needles is a pair of socks I started awhile ago but broke my size 0 needle so I couldn’t finish them at the time.  But now I’m ready to finish up all these single socks!  Oh I also have a bunch of new bags to show off (not all for me either – I’m seeing my family next weekend for a long standing date to see the new Harry Potter movie!) but I’ll save them for a separate post.

(note-smallish Harper’s Island spoilers ahead – though not the BIG spoiler.  But if you haven’t watched the show & want to, don’t read any further. If you just haven’t seen the finale, it’s okay.)

Still kind of recovering from the finale of Harper’s Island last night.  The show started out a bit lame – I didn’t like any of the characters & thought it was a little boring.  But by the 5th episode, I started to really enjoy it and ended up, as the weeks went on, loving some of the characters (RIP Cal & Chloe – who funny enough, when they were first introduced, I told my sister “wow, I can’t wait until they get killed off”.  They ended up being my favourite characters, along with JD, who I also didn’t really like at first.).  I also feel so vindicated as I thought the person who ended up being the killer was a bit creepy back in the 3rd or 4th  episode and was totally convinced it was him/her by episode 8.  My family thought I was crazy, but I knew it! Sadly they haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t gloat. Usually I watch it “with” my sister – either in person or exchanging texts or chatitng online but they were out of town this weekend.  I did get to exchange tweets with Carrie though, which didn’t make me feel quite alone. 🙂 Anyway, it was good summer show (they really should have started it later, rather than in April), so if you like somewhat silly slasher/mystery movies, it’s a fun one to check out online or on dvd when they come out.