I may have a problem.  I’m addicting to making bags.

It’s not like I’m the kind of girl who switches bags to coordinate with her outfits (ha ha, I’m lucky if my clothes somewhat go together)  I’ve been carrying the same big black Kate Spade bag (my only designer item and I didn’t pay for it) for years – it fits all my essentials – wallet, phone, water bottle, sock knitting, a book – even my computer.  And hey, black goes with everything.  I also have a smaller hip bag I carry sometimes when I don’t need anything more than my wallet/phone – it goes across my body & I keep it on when I’m out at a bar or a show.

Then, suddenly, my mom comes to visit & I start making all these bags.

First – a bright orange bag that goes with nothing.

I called it Henry Lee - as in a little bird lit down on Henry Lee - Nick Cave/PJ Harvey song

I called it Henry Lee - as in "a little bird lit down on Henry Lee" - Nick Cave/PJ Harvey song

I love it.  It’s like a messenger bag, as it goes across my body & is big enough to hold all my essentials.  The strap is a bit short but still, love it.  So Kate’s been retired for a bit.

I got the fabric from Ikea.  Why on earth did I not go there before?  I live 5 minutes (literally!) away.  I pass it everyday on my way to work.  They have awesome fun fabric, among other things.  I am lame.  Anyway the fabric is heavy canvas-y which is great…although I did experience my first broken sewing needle.

Then there came these:

no name for these, but I had a bird theme this weekend apparently

Okay now these are things I never use.  I like to keep my hands free when I’m out & about and carrying a purse.  And to make these handbags with wooden handles that I can only carry with my hand rather than my shoulder?  Sigh.  But they are so cute!  And easy to make – I used this tutorial – and quick.   I really love them.

Plus I made a couple more little drawstring bags & this little bag for my lipstick, chapstick, personal products that roll around in my purse all the time

By the way, I did not just sew up bags with my mom, I also made some piillow cases (one out of the blue birdie fabric on the purse up there) and some towels.  But bags pretty much were the focus – my mom made one similar to Henry Lee & some drawstring bags too.  If you really want to see them, they’re all on my flickr page.  We had a great girly crafty weekend – I love hanging out with my mom.

Oh, and I also bought a book – Sew What! Bags by Lexie Barnes.   So, I’m sure this obsession will not end anytime soon.

THEN today I get my first employee purchase from Knit Picks & guess what I got?

Yep.  The kit for the Montavilla Market Tote.  It’s not like I need grocery bags either – I have several reusable bags already because I freaking hate plastic grocery bags with a passion. Beyond even the environmental impact, I’ve just always hated them & my totes hold more & are easier to carry.  I almost always have my red Trader Joe’s tote bag in my purse.  But I guess I don’t have any knitted ones, so that makes it okay, right?

I also got some yarn (City Tweed finally!) and new circular needles (hopefully I won’t break another size 0 needle) but…excuse me, my Elinor is calling me to sew up another impractical frivolous bag.