Note – I began this post 2 days ago.  It’s been one of those weeks.  Sorry, this also turned into quite a long post for me.

After several weeks of not having anything to do (with the exception of when CoffeeBoy was here), I’ve suddenly had a busy couple of days.  Starting work, especially since I haven’t worked in over 3 months, has definetly contributed to that – more on that later.

First I want talk about Black Sheep Gathering – my first and still favourite fiber festival. I wasn’t able to go last year, obviously as I was still in MA, but I did go 2 years ago, Friday with my mom, Saturday with my friends.  This year I only went with my mom but we had such a fantastic time. Soon after I arrived, after chatting with Donna at Lavender Sheep and Sharon at Stitchjones, I immediatly headed to Blue Moon.  They are crackdealers, I swear. Now Twisted carries Socks That Rock, but what they don’t have is…Mill Ends.  And at BSG, not only did they have mill ends, they had Raven Clan mill ends.  I could not resist.

I tried to be good, I did limit it to 5 of  STR – 3 Raven Clan (2 MW that might be Pallas Athena and Raven and 1 HW that might be Rook-y), 1 other HW (maybe a varation of Kaw Kaw?) and 1 other MW (I think it might be a varation of Henpecked maybe?) and  If any other STR fanatics have suggestions, I’d love to hear them – you can see close up pictures on my Ravelry Stash page.

And not only did the Blue Moon Fever strike me, it got my mom as well.  My mom, who not long ago gave me all her sock yarn because she didn’t like knitting socks, decided she really wants to knit socks.  The night before I taught her how to magic loop and when she witnessed the frenzy at Blue Moon, she decided she really really REALLY wanted to knit socks.  I wish I got some pictures of those too – I steered her towards the HW & MW – I think starting on LW got her to give up too quickly.  I also wrote up some very basic, very detailed, instructions on knitting socks on ML with a short row heel.

The student teaches the teacher 🙂  We’ll see if she sticks with it…otherwise I may find myself with even more sock yarn!

I did actually get a couple of other sock yarns.

The far leftis more Cashmara – the yarn I fell in love with at the Knit & Crochet show.  Decided I needed some purple!  Then the pretty chocolate minty yarns is from StitchJones – that is my fave color combination so I couldn’t pass it up.  I’m actually thinking about doing my craft room in that color scheme actually.  Anyway, that was all of my purchases…at least at Black Sheep.

Sadly, the alpacas weren’t there this year but we did see some cute sheeps & goats!

baby goats!

baby goats!



Nice horns, buddy.

Nice horns, buddy.

All in all, it was a great day.  Not least of which was spending so much time with just me & my mom.  While I do visit my family every other week or so, I rarely get to spend just time with my mom.  But we have a tendency to be bad for each other – we are such enablers.  My mom got me back for the STR the next day.

I’ve been buying more & more fabric – nevermind I still haven’t gotten my sewing machine to work yet.  I just really want to make come cute bags – I’m not as interested in quilts or clothing at the moment.  For instance, I bought these the other day for $1 each at consignment store down the street.

So that got my mom excited, as she’s more of a sewer than knitter.  So on Saturday she “suggested” we go to Joanns “just to look”.

Yeah right.

my entire weekend haul.

my entire weekend haul.

Siiiiiiiigh.  Do I really need another hobby?  Anyway, they had the Sugar & Cream plus all the Fat Quarters on sale.  Then I deciede, since I lost my fave headband somewhere in my mom/sister’s house (easy to do there), I thought I might get some fabric to make some new ones – I loved my headband, it was a really cool large one I got at Last Thursday last month.   I wore when driving since my hair is too short to put up & just blows all around when the window is down.  And then I picked up a pattern for a nice messenger bag, but no fabric for that.  Yet.

Let remind you – I Still Haven’t Actually Sewed Anything Since Jr. High.  Mom keeps promising to come up & check out my sewing machine, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe it’s best for both of our wallet’s sake.

And my new job is going to be an even bigger enabler.  So the news is I am now working for Crafts Americana as a Customer Service Rep.  In case you don’t know, or don’t click on that link., they are the parent compnay of one of my favourite places on the ‘net – KnitPicks!  Dream come true.  🙂  I am very excited – I started this week, just training, and it’s all I can do to not just pet the yarn samples all around.  Plus there are lots of fun people – Melissa works there (though in a different depaartment, so I don’t see her much) and all the folks I’ve only “known” through Ravelry or the Knitting Community. Yes, I even met Xena. (she’s really sweet & cute).    I”m just so thrilled, especially after sending off at least 50 or so resumes (probably more) and KP is the only place that called me back AND the place I wanted to work at most.   Also good – short commute (15 minutes!) though it is weird driving to work again after several years of not having to.  And let’s not forget that discount…when should I make my first purchase?

(CB’s first comment on hearing I got the job – “Yah, congratulations!”  Second comment? “I don’t want to come home & see the house overrun with yarn.”  Silly boy.  I also work for Connecting Threads so fabric might be a bigger issue these days…)

This post is getting so long, so I’ll have to wait to blog about some of my other adventures – new knitting, an vinyl party at my friends, and seeing Food Inc last night.  Everyone needs to see this movie.