Reversi, again

Started: May 16th

Completed: May 24

Yarn:  flydesigns Cashmara

Pattern: Reversi by Jen Showalter

Needles: Size 2US 

Notes:  I think it’s pretty obvious I love this pattern.

First of all, I love how it looks.  Second, while it’s a 20 row stitch pattern, it’s easy to memorize & goes quickly.  Third, there are no purl stitches.  Plus, it’s one of the few sock patterns I’ve purchased – I have so many sock books that I don’t really need to purchase sock patterns, so I guess I”m getting my money’s worth!  These are my fourth pair, but the only one I currently own – as stated, I’ve shrunk two pairs & the other went to my best friend for a gift.  So let’s hope I can hang on to these.

This particular pair was probably one of my quickest sock knits – about a week from start to finish & included frogging half of one to change the heel.  I only cast on 56 stitches & they just flew by.  Love knitting with DK weight! 🙂   These are going to be nice when my poor feet get cold – Cashmara is lovely lovely lovely stuff & feels like heaven on my feet, which tend to get cold a lot.

My biggest fear was running out of yarn – I haven’t knit DK weight socks in a very long time & was a bit nervous as I started the foot of the second sock – the skein was listed as 290 yards & I was knitting at a slightly tigher gauge.  But, obviously, I was successful.


These made a nice birthday gift for myself – yes, today is my 36th (eek!) birthday.  Right at the moment, it’s not the most exciting day – I’m waiting for a delivery that’s not even for me – it’s CoffeeBoy’s motorcycle.  Why they are delivering it today of all days – a holiday- I have no idea but I’m getting impatient.  Then I”m headed south to spend the rest of the day with my family, which will be nice.  But I think most of my celebrating will be in 48 hours when my CoffeeBoy will finally be here.  🙂