The first of many yarny events in Oregon this summer started this week – the Knit & Crochet Show Spring 2009 Show!  To be honest, it was the one I was least interested in – I’m way more excited for Black Sheep Gathering and, of course, Sock Summit.  But I thought, what the hell, it’s a yarny event & I really should go check it out, even if I wasn’t going to take any classes.  Bit of a mistake as it turned out, for my wallet at least.

No I didn’t buy the bag at the show – it’s from the Ravelry Store of course.  But I took it along to carry any purchases I may make, though I honestly thought I wouldn’t buy much.  I mean, I’m planning on some big sock yarn purchases at the other shows this summer!  

Everything I purchased fit right in the bag.  Good sign, right?

Um, no.  Those bags hold A LOT.  Sigh.  So my haul:

  • Comic book & Alex’s Eyes Pattern from Handknit Heroes.  An knitting comic book!  How fun is that?  Plus I had to buy the mask kit – I have a nephew with a birthay coming up who will love it.  The comic book, however, is for me.
  • (2) Alpaca toys (one for mom from (I think) Spinner’s Candy.  I’m really terrible for not getting a card  The sheep & alpaca toys were just so cute!
  • Shawl Pin from Pam Sanders Art, purchased at Imagine If Woodworks.  I really loved the buttons too, I could have happily spent all my money there.
  • Passport Pouch pattern from Gardiner Yarn Works, where I was recognized from my blog! Bit of a shock really, but I was thrilled, although I may not have come off that way. (Hi Donna!  Sorry I was so shy! I came back to talk to you again & purchase this pattern but you had left for the day).  Right below that in the picture is the yarn I purchased for it – I think it was the same as the one used in the sample at the show.

  • Silk Sport (100% silk!) in Midnight Rose from Lavendersheep.  This might go to my mom as well, but I really like it for myself…hmmm, decisions…

Oh and then there’s the Sock Yarn…I don’t need more sock yarn.  I don’t want more sock yarn – my sock yarn stash is out of control!  And yet, I purchase sock yarn.  Sigh.  I did limit it to semi solid in fibers other than just superwash wool, since I do have so much of it.

  • This was my first purchase…oh golly.  It’s Cashmara from flydesigns, and yes it has cashmere in it.  Merino, cashmere and nylon to be precise, DK weight and it is as divine as it sounds.  I wish I could capture the colour better – it’s Ruby and and a semi solid so there is some nice variations.  This is going to be a pair of cushy socks for me.

  • I decided if I was going to buy more sock yarn, I wanted more bamboo/merino blends – I always seem to grab those socks first & I really enjoy working with it.  And I wanted orange – apparently the whole I need yellow yarn mood I was in has carried over to orange – another color I own absolutely nothing of.  I looked at a couple of places & ended up going with this lovely Pagewood Farm sock yarn because it was more semi solid (yes it is orange, I know it looks more pink in this shot, but the color is pretty accurate in the picture up top.)  When talking to the nice gentleman at the Diva booth, I discovered that this yarn was 30% off, so the green Grasshopper one fell into my bag as well.

So, geez, if that was my haul from the first event, I shudder to think what’s going to jump in my hands at the others (especially Sock Summit…and don’t forget the Blue Moon Socks that Rock mill ends at BSG.).  I think I start feeling bad not buying from all these small businesses the longer I stay at an event – I want to support everyone!  But I’m going to have to curb that I think.

I didn’t take many photos at the show, but I’ll leave you with a few.  I’m going to go fondle my Cashmara some more.

FlyDesigns booth...I wanted it all!


spinning fiber, although Im not a spinner.

spinning fiber, although I'm not a spinner, it was just so pretty.

From the fashion show, modeling the Handknit Heroes knits from the comic book.

From the fashion show, modeling the Handknit Heroes knits from the comic book.