My first significant lace project is done:


Started: April 3

Completed: May 12

Yarn:  Lotus Yarns Mythos Yarn Club Shipment 1 – Astarte (63% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk, 15% Nylon, 2% Pure Silver Strands)

Pattern: Ishbel (small size)

Dimensions:  tip to tip = 50 inches, top to center point = 17 inches

Needles: Size 6US

Notes: Though I did the small size, it did turn out bigger than I thought it would.

So this project seemed to take forever to do, even though it was only a month.  I just kept getting frustrated with it and never finding the right time to work on it.  I have discovered I am not a lace knitter.  I just really like being able to knit and not look at my work while I”m reading or watching TV.  And I couldn’t really do that while working on this.

There are a lot of errors design features on my Ishbel- I just couldn’t get it right and stopped caring about my mistakes.  It still turned out nice though.  Probably would be even lovelier if I had blocking wires but ah well, I don’t plan on too many more lace projects.

I am pleased with the end result, even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the work.  The yarn I think made the difference, I’ve used this particular base before in socks but I love what Melanie did for the colors.  I’m so happy I joined this yarn club – my only one this year!  I’m excited to meet Melanie come August for the Sock Summit too.

As I said above, I did the small size, though when I was listening to Stash & Burn a few weeks ago, Nicole had suggested that to use the most of your sock yarn, do the large size of the plain knitting, then the small size directions for the lace.  Well, that’s what I did, though I ended up leaving off the last 2 rows of section D because I was worried I would run out before I bound off.

I may have had enough but I didn’t want to take the risk.  So be warned if you decide to work it like I did

I’m not sure how often I’ll actually wear this – I don’t think I’m a shawl wearer and this isn’t big enough to wear properly as one anyway, but I’m glad I did make it.  I’ll probably wear it mostly like this

Minus the stupid look on my face, hopefully.