I had a lovely visit yesterday with my family for Mother’s Day (and for The Amazing Race season finale – yah my fave team won!).  We spent the day mostly hanging outside in the sun, playing with the kids & zoo of animals my family owns (6 dogs, 3 cats, a frog and a rabbit.  Not kidding). I played football & soccer with my nephews and then got this cute picture of my niece’s rabbit & my sister’s dog

That's Emmett the rabbit & Holly the St. Bernard. Yes, Emmett runs around the yard sometimes


Also I gave part of a FO to my mom:

Stackable Kittahs

Started: April 30th

Completed: May 7th

Yarn: Pattons Classic Merino – black, grey, beige and brown – none were full skeins.  Some random stash yarn for the eyes & Big Kittah’s hands, feet & arms.

Pattern: Stackable Cats by MochimochiLand

Needles: Size 6US

Notes:  It’s pretty obvious I really love the Mochimochi patterns – they are super cute and really fun.  I’ve had this one for awhile and finally decided to make them.  I don’t think I made any real significant mods to them – I did magic loop the ears, arms, legs, & tails and for stuffing them I used a mix of stuffing & pellets to make them more bean bag like.   I only felted them slightly in the sink too – Paton’s has a tendency to felt up quickly and I didn’t want them to be completely felted.

I’m not has happy with the two larger ones but I do love Little Kittah:

So he went to live with my mom as part of her Mother’s Day present. I’ll make another one for myself at some point so the kittahs are complete.  Little kittah only took less than a day to make, the others were 2.

Right now I”m hard at work on Ishbel again – I decided I wanted to finish it by Friday to wear to the Knit & Crochet Show – I’m not taking any classes, just want to go to wonder around.   I might just be able to finish it.

I’m realizing I’m just not much of a lace knitter – I’m just not into it.  Of course I also said that about sock knitting a couple of years ago so who knows how I’ll be in the future.

You also might notice my new project bag under there.  I think I have a problem.

With the exception of the one on the far left which was part of my mom’s gift, all of these are mine AND each has a project in them.  I’ve had the Wicked Witch one for quite awhile as part of a Woolgirl kit and I guess I suddenly decided last week I needed more.  The one on the right is from Twisted, the other 3 are from a lovely Etsy seller BlueTulips.  And I bought one from Ravelry that might show up today.  AND I bought a bunch of fat quarters at JoAnn’s to attempt to make my own (FAIL until I get my mom to come up here & show me what’s wrong with my sewing machine).  Sigh. I am silly.


Sock Monkey!

Sock Monkey!