It is a happy Saturday for me – I finally got decent internet in the house!  I’ve been using a sort of dial up I guess it might be called – it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t doing it for me – it didn’t like my itunes (which means I’ve been missing my podcasts) and it was slow, so I couldn’t watch videos & uploading pictures would take a half hour. Plus it was a pain because I actually have 2 computers.One is my 3 year old laptop.  It’s getting old but still working.  It’s become my desktop computer – I  keep my itunes on it, plus it has all my programs for photos,videos, & word processing.  I prefer to work on it because it does have a much larger screen & keyboard, but it likes to overheat & shut down sometimes.  Still, I hang on it to it.

I got my new one right before I left MA – it is tiny!  CoffeeBoy has the same one.  It’s great for travel – light & tiny and fits right in my purse.  It honestly wasn’t my choice for a new computer though – I like to watch videos on my computer which the small size doesn’t really work for me and the keyboard is taking some time to get used to.  Plus, it doesn’t have a cd drive on it, so it makes loading new programs impossible at the moment.  But it is a lot faster than the big one and handy when I want to use the computer away from the desk. Plus it has a camera on it, which is fun for gmail chat with CB.

So neither are perfect but I do use both  pretty regularly & switching the modem back & forth was a pain  I got a good deal on cable (oh Daily Show, how I’ve missed you!), phone (which probably isn’t something I’ll use all that much), & internet for the same price and got it set up today.  Huzzah!

Now to go catch up on my tv shows I”ve missed…