It’s been a dreary couple of days here in the Northwest – a few sunbreaks, but mostly rain rain rain

taken off my front porch - the end of my driveway always gets so flooded

So I decided I needed some sunshine to cheer me up:

Like I really need more sock yarn.  I bought this for a couple of reasons –  I was really in the mood for some yellow – most of my sock yarn is more muted and the ones that are bright were too variegated for what I had in mind.  Yellow is a colour I don’t really go out of my way to get – it’s hard to put my finger on what kind I like   Anyway, I keep seeing this cheery colour pop up on blogs lately (too many to list, but Turtlegirl’s new Bugga purchase is a great example) and I needed to have some desperately.

I also wanted something I can work on when I go to the open craft night at Twisted – I don’t feel right going to a knit night and working on a yarn not purchased there.  (Let’s not think about the other sock yarn I have in my stash from there.  They are not yellow, damnit.)  Of course, due to a sick kitty I wanted to keep an eye on, I ended up not going last night anyway.  (Mina seems to be okay now by the way). Well, there’s always next week.

The pretty bag is also from Twisted

Finally, I recently purchased Cookie A‘s new book and I wanted a semi solid to work on some of the patterns (again, let’s ignore the 2 skeins of KnitPicks Essential Kettle Dyed I just bought, as well as a Malabrigo Sock  that is a semi solid. Not yellow, damnit.)  This Cherry Tree Hill yarn was perfect – it’s their new Supersock Select Semi Solids and lordy is it soft soft soft.  I’ve actually never worked with Cherry Tree Hill yarn before but I don’t think this will be my last purchase from them.

yes, those are my Boos watching me in the background

yes, those are my Boos watching me in the background

Even balling it up was a delight, I just want to roll around in this yarn. 

I ended up choosing Devon for the pattern & I got through one full repeat last night.

look at me, using stitch markers and everything

I think I’m going to like how these turn out!  Of course, I’m also working on a half dozen other projects, some with deadlines – gifts for mother’s day and socks for CoffeeBoy (who will be here 3 weeks from today, I can’t wait!).  But at least now when I need a bit of sunshine in my life, I can just admire my socks!