Yes, these are all FOs I’ve finished since Sunday. Dreary weather + boredom + short attention span – money = many simple (comfort) knits out of stash.

To count it up:

1 Grrr.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with this but it was fun to make.  I used most of a ball of Peaches & Cream I got last year sometime.  I didn’t put the face on it – it would have gotten lost.  Probably better in different colors but this was my only full ball of dishcloth yarn.

2 mitered washcloths. The pink & white is out of a ball of (I think) Sugar & Cream I received in the Dishrag Tag.  CO 70 stitches, knit every row, decreased 2 stitches in the middle every other row until 2 stitches remain BO.  The brown & blue one is out of 2 strands of KnitPicks Crayon held together.  CO on 60 stitches, knit every row, decrease 2 stitches in the middle every other tow until 2 stitches remain, icord for about 6 inches, BO, sew on end.  I’ve gotten some use out these already – pink one in the kitchen, brown & blue in the bath.

 2 Tribbles.  I love these, I’ve made them before (though not sewn up  correctly) and they are perfect for washing dishes (no dishwasher here). The black & white is made from the remainder of the Peaches & Cream I used for Grrr – I just knit until I ran out of yarn.  The other is from more Peaches & Cream I bought a cone of recently. (So yeah, I did buy some yarn this week – $6 for a cone at Wallyworld.)

1 Ninja.

So I’m a little embarrassed.  I feel like I’m a pretty decent knitter – I can pick up on techniques pretty quickly that give other people trouble.  Short Rows? No problem!  Kitchner Stitch? Piece of cake! Magic Loop? Love it!  Cables? My fave! Lace & Colorwork? Eh, could be better, but I understand how to do it.  But give me a crochet hook and I cannot for the life of me figure out what I’m suppose to do.  I picked up Creepy Cute Crochet at the library, determine to teach myself how to do cute amigurumi – I love all the little guys in this book.  I know I have crocheted in the past – I can do a chain & edging and I must have known enough to do a hat.  But after fighting with it for an embarrassingly long time, I gave up and decided to knit this little guy.  It wasn’t that difficult – I just followed the pattern but switched the crochet increases & decreases for knit ones.  It turned out cute, except for the eyes – not happy about them.   I used a very small amount of Valley Yarns Sugarloaf and size 4 needles and magic looped it.  It took a little more than an hour or so – more time was spent cutting & gluing on the white felt face.

I do want to learn to do crochet properly so it’s something I might actually take a class on.  As luck would have it, my favourite yarn store does have a class on begininng crochet – but of course it’s tonight & I have plans.  Actually, there’s a ton of things tonight I want to do – it’s my first Last Thursday back in Portland, there is an interesting looking movie playing in town, it’s one night of two nights a week I actually watch TV.  But it’s also game 6 of the Blazers playoffs, which is what I am planning on doing while hanging out my friends.  So the crochet class will be put on hold for a bit…but I may try my hand at knitting a couple of the other creatures first.

Or maybe actually work on the projects I’ve already started.