buds on our front yard treen
buds on our front yard tree

Yes, Mina and I made it just fine back to Portland!  I was a little worried about my poor 14 year old kitty on the plane but she was fantastic – I mean, she was scared but was quiet the entire 6 hour plane ride & seemed to be happy to be back in the house.  As was I – I love the house here and especially the yard.  It feels so empty though – not because the movers have all the boxes & furniture still but because I just miss CoffeeBoy so much.  I feel half my heart is still back in MA.  I know it’ll get easier at some point and this is the best in the long term, but it sucks right now.

But I’m happy to be back in Portland!  And I sure picked a great time to move back, at least in regards to yarn/knitting events.  First is the 2009 Spring Knit & Crochet Show in May, then Black Sheep Gathering in June, and, best of all, Sock Summit!  I’m so excited about the sock summit, not just because I’m a crazy sock knitter and there is a lot of awesome teachers there  – but because I’m going to get to meet a lot of people I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time.  I have one confirmed houseguest (and one of my favourite indie dyers to boot!) and a couple of possible guests & I couldn’t be more thrilled! I haven’t decided what classes to take – I’ve never taken a knitting class before, I’m a completely self taught knitter.  I’m thinking about the Argle Socks maybe – it’s something I’ve never made before.  But I’m just excited to go.

Speaking of socks…yes, I finished another pair.


so nice to take pictures in my backyard again
so nice to take pictures in my backyard again

The Moving Socks

Started: March 25

Finished: April 3

YarnKimiK BFL Superwash Sock Yarn

Pattern: Thuja, but with a short row heel

Needles: Size 1.5US circ

Notes:  I’m well on my way of my goal of 2 pairs of socks a month and knitting from the sock yarn stash.  These are the 6th pair completed this year and this lovely yarn has been in my stash for quite awhile.  

This was my first experience with Bluefaced Leicester – oo, is it soft & lovely.  I’m not sure how durable these will be – I probably should have added some nylon to them – but they are going to be lovely while they last.

nummy nummy softness

Not to much to add to the pattern – I’ve used this pattern several time, it’s one of my mindless knits.  I did a 7 inch cuff, short row heel  & just a regular toe – as simple as it gets.  Once again, it’s magic loop – I’m addicted!  I even broke down & placed an order with knitpicks to get more needles- always dangerous to order from KP.

I’m starting a couple of new projects which I’ll write about in a couple of days.  I’m currently at my mom’s – visiting with the family, shopping at thrift stores for house stuff (we got rid of a lot of furniture to keep moving costs down so I’m on the hunt for replacement), and playing a lot of Guitar Hero with my sister & BIL.  I nearly lost my voice last night because I was the GH singer, as my sis is obsessed with the drums & BIL only does guitar.  But it was lots of fun – though I butchered so many songs – my apologies to Debbie Harry, Michael Stipe, and Kurt Cobain.  I’ll be here until Monday, then it’s time to fix up the house!