Can you tell I am unemployeed?

I finished another pair of socks this week

Ladybug Socks

Started: March 3

Completed: March 25

Yarn: Opal Rainforest in Ladybug (I’m sure it is actually the German name, but I don’t have the label handy)

Pattern:  Basic Sock pattern

Needles: Size 1.5US circ

Notes: My first pair of Magic Loop Socks!

I went really easy for my first pair – basic top down socks with a short row heel.  I usually do about 6 inches for a cuff but these are 8 inches – I had plenty of yarn (gotta love those big opal skeins) and I worked on the first sock when we saw The Watchmen & didn’t want to turn the heel in the dark

My one annoyance: I was so excited to start the second sock, I forgot to look for the right place to start to have matching socks

Oh well,it’s  not a big deal – obviously, since I could have just frogged when I realized it.

I love love love Magic Looping.  It seems to go so much faster and so easy to pick up & put down.  More magic loop!  It did take me 3 weeks to finish these, but I put them aside for a week & half to make George.  I’ve used the Opal Rainforest yarn 3 times now – my early Parrot socks, the Raupe Monkey Socks, and these & I just really love this yarn – not the softest to work with  but so hard wearing and the colors are really fun.

These make 5 pairs so far in 2009 – more to come!  I’ve started a new pair already.

This is the KimiK yarn I bought awhile ago – my first experience with Bluefaced Leicester.  Ooo, it is soft!  I’m going with my other mindless pattern (Thuja) since, not only is all my stash packed & on it’s way to Oregon, all my books are too.  And my printer to print out any other patterns.  Ah well, at least  I love Thuja!