Things, as you can imagine, are bit crazy right now.  My last day of work (sob!) is on Thursday, the movers come next Wednesday & I fly (with my cat, which should be interesting) out the following Wednesday.  Part of me is really looking forward to it – being back in my true home, seeing my family & friends, etc.  But I am feeling a lot of apprehension – is this the smartest thing to do?  Leaving a fantastic job in this economy?  Leaving the most important person in my life for who knows how long?  I’m really torn and feel like I’m going out of my mind.

So, how about some cute bats?


The Boo Family

The Boo Family

I’ve been regressing & making toys this week.  Of course, I’ve already posted about Little Boo & Blue Boo but thought I would include them.

Here’s the newest member, Purple Boo (yeah, I’m original)

Made from some scraps of Cascade 220 I had laying around.  I’m not happy about the fangs, but I’m way too lazy to redo them.  Purple Boo is going to a friend of mine here who loved the Boo I made for my best friend (Brown Boo, who sadly, never got a photo shoot.)  Apparently, I have an addiction to this this pattern.  I never add the button though, I think it’s just as cute sitting open.

I’ve started another toy – don’t ask me why I keep making them, kids are not in my future at this time.  But I really like making them.


Not as creepy in person.  Honest.

Not as creepy in person. Honest.

May I present George the Sock Monkey!  He’ll probably go to my niece, but it’s been pretty fun working on this. (Magic Loop rules!)  I’m using this pattern as my first choice (KnitPicks Mr. Foster) is now sold out.

Speaking of my neice & toys, I have to share this.

100_2918That’s the unblogged Hester the Long Legged Bunny I made for her for Christmas.  My sister says she loves it and carries it around everywhere now, which made me very happy to hear.  I never blogged about it because I wasn’t that thrilled with it (I made up the pattern) and never got a decent picture of it but I’m really glad it’s getting put to good use.

By the way, that’s a WALL-E blanket on her – her favourite movie.  My niece has good taste. 🙂