I officially have a new favourite sweater

Hey look, it's my Clapotis hanging back there.

You may have heard the entire East Coast was hit with a huge snowstorm.  I was, once again, stuck in the house for 2 days  (but unlike the Portland snowstorm, at least we had some things to amuse ourselves).  But, best of all I finished Amelia!

It’s way too cold to take proper pictures outside & I really wanted to get this up…so I used my office early yesterday morning, hoping no one would see me & wonder what the hell I was doing!

Started: January 17

Completed: March 1

Yarn: Valley Yarns Superwash in Burgundy – 12 balls

Pattern: Amelia

Needles: size 6US and 7US

Notes:  Goodness, I LOVE this sweater.  Everything about it is perfect for me – I have a love affair with cardigans, but many of them are slightly off, even ones that I’ve made – the sleeves or body are too short, it’s too big or too small, the yarn ends up being too fuzzy or too scratchy or just looks dumpy on me.

Not this case.  Everything from the yarn to the pattern is perfect for me.

First off, a couple of mods.  I did the 38′ size, though my gauge was a bit off (in a good way for once!).  I, however, used the largest size length for my long torso, as well as the largest sleeve length for my gorilla arms.  I still thought the arms were going to be too short, but luckily after blocking, it was the perfect length.

That is not a wedding ring, by the way.

Those were the only intentional mods.  I forgot to twist some stitches in the ribbing, but it still looks okay.  Blocking also helped some of the other loose stitches.

The yarn is so lovely – I’ve used a couple of superwash wool yarns – Knit Picks, Cascade 220 – but this is my favourite.  The stitches look gorgeous, and it is so comfortable to wear, even on bare skin (though that won’t be something I’ll be doing in this weather.)  As Amanda predicted, I think this is my go to sweater – nice enough to wear to the office, and light enough to use in the spring & fall.

The buttons I just picked up at Joanne’s – inexpensive & and cute.  I wish they were silver, but they do seem to fit well.

I’m so pleased with this sweater – and I got that compliment that (some) knitters love – “where did you get that sweater?  You made it?  Wow!”


I made a couple of other small projects while stuck in the house, so I’ll have more to share!