I’m off work again today – there’s not much going on in the office as everyone else is on vacation and decided I needed a bit of a break, which gives me a good time to actually upload some photos.  So how about some WiPs?




First up is Amelia – something I am determine to finish as soon as possible! I even took it to Houston & worked on it during the short breaks in my hotel room (which ended up being just doing a row or two at night, but at least it’s something). Now I’m on the second sleeve, then it’s just the yoke & edging. My biggest concern is running out of yarn – it’s Valley Yarns Superwash in Rosewood (the colour is a bit washed out in this photo) and while it’s listed in the catalog, it’s not on the website.  I think I’ll be okay but I may need to hunt down a lone ball for the edging.

I do have some fun buttons for it, but as I only have 4, I’ll need to hunt down a couple more.  Luckily, I bought them at JoAnne’s so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.


button button, whos got the buttons?

button button, who's got the buttons?


(the colour is much more true in this picture too)

Next up, I have (of course) a new pair of Commuter socks.

Again, this was from my trip to WEB’s – the Misti Alpaca sock yarn. I love the green stripes!  And they are going to be so warm – which is precisely why I started them.  I’m just doing a plain ol’ top down basic sock with an eye of  partridge heel and I’m on the foot of the second, so I should be done early next week.

Finally, not a WiP but a final unblogged FO from January.

Blingin’ Socks for my BFF

Started: January 3

Finished: January 16

Yarn:  Painted Skeins Silver, Silk, and Superwash Merino Sock Yarn in Graphite

Pattern: Reversi

Needles: Size 2US

Notes:  These were actually originally started back in November and were going to be an edited version of Reversim as Britt can attest to.  But when I finished one, I was so unhappy with it I just frogged it & started over with the real version of Reversi, although I did a short row heel instead of the reverse heel.  Anyway, I had to make these for the BFF – she loved the silver in my other pair of blingin’ socks & when I saw the black, it just screamed her name at me.  Anyway, not much more to say – this is, by far, my favourite sock pattern – and one day I’ll actually have a nice pair for myself – I just need to remember to make them out of superwash yarn!  Both pairs I’ve made for myself have shrank/felted slightly, although one pair I can still wear, just the stitch pattern has been muddled a bit.  Sigh.

And one day I’ll actually give these to my BFF – our timing of get togethers has been all off for the past month!  But I think we might be planning a Chocolate Buffet soon…