So once upon a time, I had these mitts to wear over my fingerless gloves:

crappy photo from 2005

crappy photo from 2005.  The fingerless mitts are my one & only project out of Noro Kuryeon

I made them over 3 years ago out of Lamb’s  Pride Worsted and they really held up well.  They were a definite necessity in the freezing weather here – and somehow I managed not to lose one or both of them in that time.

Until about a month ago.

Sadly, one night when I was getting out of the truck after a tiring day at work, I must have dropped both of them on to the snowy road.  I didn’t notice until a couple of days later – I thought maybe I had left them in another coat or at home when I realized I didn’t have them with me on the way to work.  One morning, I was waiting on my porch for CoffeeBoy to pull the truck arounnd and I happened to glance down the street and saw a blue blur.  Poor poor mitten tops – run over several times and frozen to the ground.  So while Lamb’s Pride might be indestructable, I knew there was no way to save them.

After a couple of days of freezing the tips of my fingers off, I decided enough is enough.  I needed some big ass mitts.

Big Ass Mitts

Started:  January 31

Finished: February 3rd

Yarn:  Lotus Yarns Big Ass Yarn Club shipment #2 – Mulled Wine

Pattern:  Bella’s Mittens

Needles:  8US dpns

Notes: Like Stacey, I have never read the Twilight books, nor seen the movies.  And no plans to either, much to the dismay of my mom & sister who are both completly nuts about them both.  I just really loved the length of these, not to mention the lovely cables.

purty purty cables

purty purty cables

 Funny enough, the day I started them, my mom called and asked if I knew of a pattern for mittens like the ones in the movie.  I have nothing against the books/movies – I mean, please, I’m a huge Harry Potter nut – but for some reason these don’t interest me.

When looking at other finished projects on Ravelry, I noticed a couple of people put their own twist on these.

that hole is supose to be there.

that hole is supose to be there.

Who wants to pull off these big ass mitts when you just need to grab your phone or subway pass?

So I used this adaptation to add a slit in both of the mitts so I don’t have to pull them all the way off all the time.  It works pretty well, though I’m thinking I need to add a button or something to hold the flap down.

This yarn is great for this project – and look, I used another yarn club yarn!  It’s a very dense pair of mitten – actually it was kind of a pain to knit – size 8s with super bulky yarn is not fun – but worth it, it really keeps my hands & arms warm.  If I were to make them again, I would probably use a solid colour rather than the semi solid as the cables get a bit lost.  Still, I’m very pleased with them and it really only took a few hours from start to finish.

Of course, now that I’m back from Houston, the subzero temperatures seem to have ended, so I’m not sure how much more use I will get out of them, but at least I have them if I need them!

By the way, I did honestly make 2 mittens but all the photos I had of both together turned out so crappy.