Whew!  Back home from a whirl wind week in Houston – it was stressful with long hours alternating between sitting in the VIP room & greeting my speakers (I was responsible for 170 speakers)  & running all over the place looking for them.  And actually I did have some fun, there was a definite lack of the self important assholes, most people were super nice and I felt like I did a good job at keeping track of all of them and making them feel special (key to this kind of job – make everyone feel as important as the big speakers – and we had some big ones).  Plus, it was great so many of the higher ups appreciated my hard work – always a good sign. 🙂

But now I’m home & back to reality – some crappy things happened while I was away that has a huge impact on our future.  The plan at the moment is to move back to OR in March…but at this point it seems foolish to leave a good paying job (I’m hoping I can work from OR, but it’s unlikely), especially in such an unstable economy, but we’re both so miserable here (I don’t want to offend any MA friends & readers – I think it’s just not working out for us).  CoffeeBoy will be out of work by June and is worried about finding something else.  Anyway, I’m trying not to get too stressed out, but I hate having such an uncertain future.

So on to brighter things.  I seemed to have skipped blogging all of my January knitting.  I have several things to blog about actually – I’ll split them up in separate posts because I do love them all.

First…how about some socks?


Leyburn Socks

Leyburn Socks

Leyburn Socks

Started: January 3rd

Completed: January 23

Yarn:  Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Pink Granite

Pattern: Leyburn Socks from MintyFresh

Needles: 2.5US dpns

Notes:  This was part of the STR Ravelry group KAL

I really love these socks .  I stubbornly did them cuff down on dpns – what can I say, I’m not fond of toe up or using circs.   And luckily, this pattern looks great either way

And such a freaking fun stitch pattern – totally easy to memorize (important for my usual commuter socks, I hate trying to dig out a pattern sheet while on the train) and looks fantastic in so many different yarns.  

And I don’t think much more needs to be say about STR – love!  So soft!  I still got some pooling, but I don’t care that much – they still look lovely.  I’ve worn them several times, they were perfect durring the below 0 weather we had before I left.

Next up – Mittens!