So yeah.  I’ve said it 100x now but work is completely insane now – it’s a month until our big 10 million dollar conference and now people are coming out of the wood works, demanding things get done RIGHT NOW.  So I’ve been a bit strapped for time. Not to mention CoffeeBoy’s computer died so he’s been using mine.  It’s not a big deal, I have my work computer, but it’s annoying when I want to upload pictures or music since both programs are on that one.  Ah well.  New computers were our Christmas gifts for each other this year…but we have to wait to buy them.

I have been knitting though, I guess I should give thanks to my hour & half on the train each day – it has been keeping me sane.  Just a little knitting to sort out my thoughts and relax a bit in the morning & evening commute.  In fact I finished 2 socks this week.  Of course, they are 2 different socks, but hey, progress!

Reversi.  They are a little small for my blockers.

Reversi. They are a little small for my blockers.

This is a Christmas gift for my bestest bud – it’s the second time I’ve knit it, as the other was really wonky and frogged.  Luckily she has small feet (compared to me) so it’s quick.  And it’s my favourite sock pattern in the world, Reversi, so it’s a nice knit for the train.

I love this pattern looks

I love this pattern looks

 I want to finish the second by next Saturday when we are going out to dinner to celebrate CB’s birthday.

Yes I am well aware how late I am in this gift.

This sock is a big distraction though.

Leyburn Sock in STR Pink Granite Mediumweight

Leyburn Sock in STR Pink Granite Mediumweight

STR.  Fun pattern.  KAL.  I have no willpower.

It’s part of the Leyburn KAL on the Ravelry Group Socks That Rawk! that all my favourite bloggers seem to be doing – Turtlegirl help set it up and ZondaIrishgirlieknits, and Trillian42 are all involved, to name just 4 of 126 so far.  The goal is to have as many different colours of STR as possible.  And since I had a colourway that hadn’t been chosen yet (Pink Granite), I got sucked in.  I’m glad I did actually, this pattern has been in my queue since it had been released but I have a tendency to put things in my queue that I never quite get to.  And I love it. The stitch pattern is so fun, it took a few rounds but now I have it memorized.  

closeup of the pretty pattern

close up of the pretty pattern

By the way I am stubbornly doing it cuff down on dpns.  Laugh all you want, I like my fiddly dpns.

So now it’s back to work.  I’ll probably just have more drive-bys until Mid February, after the conference.  At least I get to go someplace warm (Houston) in February!  Though it’s not like I really leave the conference hotel ,  I could be anywhere in the world actually.  But still, a small break from the snow & cold in MA.