There are 12 days until Christmas.

There are 5 days until we fly back to Portland.

I have finish (knitting-wise):

  1. Grandma’s blanket (2 colour strips left & a border)
  2. Niece’s fingerless mitts (1 down, 1 to do)
  3. Sister’s socks (on the foot of the second)
  4. Baby Neice’s toy bunny (arms & head to knit, then to stuff)
  5. BIL neckwarmer (haven’t started)
  6. Gifts for other friends I want to do.
  7. Socks & fingerless gloves for friends here (which will probably be made after Christmas but before coming home) 

Plus I have to:

  1. Do a boatload of work to do this weekend & next week since I’ll be out of town for 2 weeks
  2. Do laundry & pack
  3. Clean so the house is not disgusting for my kind friends to witness while we are gone.
  4. Shop for extra gifts in Portland – Saturday Market here I come!
  5. Creat Gift tags for gifts/wrap presents

Can this be done without making myself crazy? Or making my loved ones crazy as I’m knitting like a fiend to finish?

Posting will be limited over the next couple of weeks (see list above as well as not knowing where I’ll have internet access and you know, I should spend time with family & friends…).  Happy Holidays to everyone!

Now excuse me while I go knit like a madwomen….