Well, not as bad today as it was earlier in the week (-3 wind chill all day?! Eeek!) but still pretty darn cold.  Glad I have a stock of hats, scarves, and sweaters to choose from!

I once again find myself without any knitting to post – I finished yet another Christmas present over the weekend but it’s another one I want to keep hidden from prying eyes.  But I do have some fun news.  As co-workers keep leaving, I find myself moving up, while not in rank or salary at least in seniority (which is funny to me because I barely know what I’m doing most of the time, I guess I put up a good front).  Last week I got an assistant (what?!) though I have so little to give her to do at the moment, for various reasons.  Most of the time I’m sending email after email or making call after call and then waiting around for people to get back to me.  Anyway, last week I was using an empty office to do a conference all with my “assistant” and my boss told me I now had “squatters” rights -so I moved right into my first ever office!

To a lot of people, it might not be such a big deal but remember that a year and half ago I was a retail slave of 15 years and last year at this time I was temp with a cubicle (which was pretty exciting to me at that point).  I (obviously) haven’t done much with the decor, but I’m slowly adding things.  This doesn’t show my other wall where I have Batty Blue  hanging out.

Anyway, it’s a small office but it has a fantastic view:


yes that is my reflection in the window.

yes, that is my reflection in the window.

I love having a place I can close the door to make my calls.  The downside – I was pretty hidden in my cube so I didn’t have many interruptions while I worked (or, um, played on Ravelry) but now I’m in much more visible, high traffic area – so I get lots of people stopping by to chat.  I could close the door, but really, in this office at least, you don’t really close the door unless you’re on a call and/or in a conference.  Ah well, just a little thing I can deal with.  I’m just way more excited than I should be at having my own office.

Anyway, back to work, time to earn that office!