Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in US!  It’s going to be a pretty quiet day around the ol’ Babbling/Coffee house – there are are pros & cons of living on the other side of the country from family – I don’t have to deal with some of my relatives I don’t particularly like but on the other hand, I miss my family very much.  But, since it is just us and since we have become big ol’ foodies, we get to make what we like.  CB has been obsessed with trying BlueFoot Chicken, after an Iron Chef episode, so instead of a turkey, he ordered that (they are from France, though he found a place in Canada that sells them – and yes, they really do have blue feet).  Paid a pretty penny for that – the shipping was even more than the bird itself.  So he’s in charge of that and is also making this  liquid pumpkin pie he made last year (which I like to call Pumpkin Juice, because I’m a nerd like that).  I’m making homemade stuffing (my first!), these awesome sounding mashed potatoes, and an interesting sounding pumpkin pie (cinnamon crust with maple mixed in the pumpkin.)  So I guess you can say it’s our take on the typical dinner.  Yum yum!

And man do I need this day off – work has been INSANE this week. Even though I worked from home yesterday, I still was nonstop all day, although being in my pjs all day was definitely a bonus.  I keep meaning to blog but I’ve been on the go & in the evenings, I’m still answering emails (joys of a Blackberry).  But I do have an FO to write about


Moms tye-dyed socks

Mom's tye-dyed socks

Started: November 8

Completed November 22

Yarn: Blue Moon Socks That Rock – mill end from Black Sheep Gathering

Pattern:  Used the Thuja stitch pattern

Needles: Size 1US Harmony dpns

Notes:  As I mentioned before, my mom gave me her STR stash with a request of more handmade socks.  I finally got around to doing it!  As with every other STR socks I’ve made or started, these pooled.  A Lot.  Sometimes I don’t mind pooling (I like how the foot part looks, actually) but I hate when there is big blotches of colour, like on the cuff.  Ah well.  Believe it or not, they actually match, which is nice!  I finished these pretty quickly (less than 2 weeks) – I guess my mom’s smaller foot size had something to do with it, but really, it’s only an inch or so less on the foot.  I pair of gift socks down, 3 to go!

I’ve actually started the next pair but I don’t think I’ll write about them – the person I’m making them for has been to the blog (or at least my flickr page).  But I’m nearly done.  The rest of the holiday projects aren’t really something I can photograph easily – the grandma blanket, which doesn’t look that different, a toy I’m creating from scratch for my youngest niece, and more hats for the nephews.  Hopefully I’ll complete one of them soon, I’m getting a wee bit nervous about the time!

So all of you who celebrate it, good eats this Thanksgiving!