So since I’m working from home today (honest!  I’m not just sitting around knitting! Er, much anyway), I thought I’d at least try to get some project pictures taken and do some updates.

First I finally got a picture of the Reverse Red Sox I made for CoffeeBoy

Reverse Red Sox

Started: August 24th

Completed: November 6th

Yarn:  Knit Picks Bare (sock weight) and Mountain Color Barefoot in Rich Red

Pattern: Used Tubey from Son of Stitch & Bitch for inspiration but it’s just my basic sock with a stripe on the cuff & contrasting heel & toes

Needles: US2 Harmony dpns

Notes:  These took awhile to do.   I love CB but honestly, socks for him are so very boring – he only wants plain white socks with contrast heel & toe.  That’s it.  No fancy design.  Not even any extra ribbing.  So, I kept putting them down to work on something more interesting, hence the 2 & half months to finish them.  He specifically asked for these actually – while I am probably the bigger Red Sox fan in this household, we both enjoy watching the games (actually, I had promised to get them done before the playoffs…oops)  My thought was that I would make his & then for myself, I would do some regular looking Red Sox socks.  But I may need to rethink that…here’s what happened after one wear & wash:

I had a feeling it would too. Oh the joys of working with a rich red & white.  That’s only a small part of the bleeding – in fact, I wouldn’t even wash them with anything else – I actually handwashed them (yes, apparently I do love CB, I handwashed his socks.)  So he may end up with pink & red socks at some point.  I may have to forgo my Red Sox Socks, at least with this yarn.  I think I’m going to make some tiny ones for my mom instead – when she was out here, she thought the logo was adorable so maybe I’ll just make up a couple for her & make a magnet or ornament or something that won’t get washed.

And on to other socks…

Tye-dyed socks!  Well, that’s what it looks like to me in any case.  I had mentioned before my mom had given me her Socks That Rock stash with a promise to make her more socks.  Well, I’m finally getting around to it (is it bad to make a pair of socks for my mom as a gift if she bought the yarn?).  I’m a little annoyed at the pooling, but I do like how it turned out altogether and my mom won’t care.  I’m partway through the other sock, so I’ll probably have it done by the weekend.  1 present down!  Luckily, I don’t think she reads the blog, so I think I’m safe on this one.

I had to put aside my grandma’s blanket because (of course) I ran out of the only color I didn’t buy a second skein of – when I was buying the second skeins, I couldn’t remember if the color was beige or light grey (yeah, I’m a little forgetful) so I figured I would just pick it up another time…but then I forgot.  Sigh.  So instead I’m working on some hats for my nephews.  I picked up Valley Yarns Sugarloaf for them – wow I love this yarn.  So so so soft, it’s perfect for my nephews.  Instead of swatching the normal way, I made a swatch hat – I have 3 potential people I can give it too – a 4 year old, a 8 year old and my brother in law so I figured it would fit someone

Modeled by Thistlehair

Modeled by Thistlehair. Doesn't he look tough now?

Just a basic black hat. Now I have an idea on the stitch count for the rest of them.  I think I may just do some plain striped hats,  even though I usually try to think of something unique. I was thinking about the Poke-A-Dot Alien hat but I just don’t think colourwork with bulky yarn will be all that great.

 I need to get more of this yarn, I think it would be perfect for toys too.  I’m thinking about the Donkey from Pundit Babies from Mochimochi for my toddler niece.   

There I go, spreading my liberal agenda to the young. 🙂

Okay, I guess I should actually do some work now…