Nearly every morning on my walk to work (okay, on my walk to Starbucks), I pass this lonely bird swimming all by him/herself.


It’s just odd to me, since I generally only see flocks of geese together, not one all on it’s own, especially all the time.  Maybe it’s been outcast?  So I decided this bird is my morning buddy. He (though I suppose it might be a female – I’m not a bird expert to say the least) always swims up to me, hoping I have some food.

I never do.

So he swims away

I totally have knitting related stuff to post (my second trip to WEBS – woohoo!) but no pictures to post with it.  I didn’t even take pictures of our road trip!  But hopefully when I’m actually home when it’s daylight this weekend, I can get some shots of my lovely new stash enhancements…though only one small skein for me (sock yarn, I know you are shocked.)

Work has also been nuts – it’s so strange for me, talking on the phone with people I see on TV all the time (CNN for the most part) to invite them to speak.  I mean, our CEO is on CNBC quite a bit in fact – which is weird to see him there – but getting a phone call from a CNN political analyst takes the cake.  I’m still enjoying my job for the most part, other than a lot of the times I don’t know what the hell I’m doing – my direct boss quit last September and I’ve been picking up a lot of her work – stuff I don’t feel I’m qualified for!  I seem to be muddling through, trying to stay out of fights between my two direct VPs, which, unsurprising, happens a lot.

At least there’s a 4 day weekend coming up…