So first of all, I get a big ol’ FAIL this week – if you hadn’t noticed, I was attempting to do NaWriBloMo – write a blog post a day for a month.  I’ll chalk it up to election excitement (woohoo Obama!) and sadness (boo to the anti-gay measures that passed) not to mention my FAIL at my current commuter socks, which are no longer socks but, as of last night, nice ball of yarn again.  They are going to be a gift but I hated how they turned out.  So I will try try try again.

But I did have a FO this week – CoffeeBoy’s Reverse Red Sox.  And like a dutiful SO, he put them on immediately, before I got a FO shot.  I will try to remedy that today or tomorrow.

Currently I’m hard at work at someting I started way way back in February.


Log Cabin Blanket

Log Cabin Blanket

A blanket for my grandma for Christmas.  She’s had a rough year – money issues, the death of her dog, family problems.  She’s tough though – she’s the oldest of 7 and over the past couple of years she’s lost 2 of her siblings and anytime that anyone in the family is sick or in need of assistance, she’s there.  But about a month ago, she had to have surgery on her one good hand – her other arm was broke when she was 6 and not set properly so it’s been useless most of her life. So she’s been relying on other family members to help her now – I could go on a rant about certain other asshole relatives who are not, but I will refrain.  I wish I was out there to help but that’s one of the pains of living on the otherside of the country. I’ve sent some money & cards, but it’s just not the same. I miss her very much.  Anyway, she has made blankets almost every Christmas for family members so this year I wanted to return the favor since she won’t be able to.  It’s not the most exciting knit – I actually wish I had waited to start it because I would much rather be using KnitPIcks Comfy rather than Cotton-Ease and, you know, the long squares of garter are getting a bit old.  But I think it will be worth it, being able to give her a handknit blanket to keep her legs warm in the winter, just like all the blankets she’s made me over the years have done for me.