I’m finally getting around to blogging about my latest commuter socks FO.  I actually finished them awhile back, but the original photos I took were not great and honestly, I only remember I need to rephotograph them when it’s too dark/rainy/cold outside.  And while it was freezing out this morning, I quickly took some photos because, well, I love these socks.

Reversi the Second

Started: September 29 

Completed: October 21

Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Socrates in Macaw

PatternReversi Socks

Needles: Size 1US dpns

Notes:  As I’ve said before, I am addicted to this pattern.  And my heart broke when my fave pair of socks, the original Reversi, felted in the washer.  But these are a lovely sequel that will hopefully not felt, they’ve been washed 3 times now and no felting to be seen – whew!

I was a bit unsure of the yarn while I was making them – it’s really fuzzy – but now that I’ve wore them a couple of times, I have realized how wonderful it is.  The bamboo/alpaca mix seemed like an odd mix – in my mind, bamboo is good for warmer weather socks and alpaca is good for below freezing.  But together, they give it an amazing silky feeling with out being overly warm.  And the colour is a good neutral colour without being boring – I’m trying to alternate my commuter socks between wild & crazy hand dyed colours and more neutral ones I can wear to work.

I don’t think I can say much more about the pattern that I haven’t already said – it’s my fave sock pattern, interesting to knit & gorgeous to look at.   My new commuter socks – a gift pair – is a modified version of it in fact.


Other than knitting, I’ve been feeling this stressful anticipation all day – in 24 hours or so we’ll know who the next president will be (well unless we get a repeat of 2000, which would make the cable news channels explode with happiness).  I’m more stressed than usual about it, maybe because I’ve been wrapped up in for over a year.   Or because I had such a hopeful feeling in 2004 and it came crashing down that night in Novemeber – I had strong feelings about 2 different items during the last election (the presidential choice and the Oregon ballot measure banning gay marriage) and both were devastating disappointments.  And while my presidential choice last time was more of the “I dislike the other guy & what he’s doing to the country” variety, I’ve been a strong supporter of Barack Obama for quite awhile now, more than any other political candidate in my life.  I just don’t want that ’04 feeling again tomorrow night.

But I will say, I do not think McCain is Bush 2.0, in fact while I do not agree with most his (and especially Palin’s) politics, I don’t think he’s a bad guy.  I just think Obama is what this country needs: a refreshing change for everyone.

So I’m stressed.  But as CoffeeBoy so intelligently put it last night “America has survived the last 8 years; we can live through anything.”