After 7 years of knitting (almost to the day!), I finally have a matching hat & scarf set.

I never match my hat & scarves – but with this yarn I wanted to use every bit of it.  And just in time – brrrr, it got cold here!

The Blissful Set

First, the hat:

My Blissful So-Called Hat

My Blissful So-Called Hat

Started: October 28th

Completed: October 30th

Yarn: Lotus Yarn’s Nirvana Worsted in Bliss and Knit Picks Comfy in Cashew, about a half ball of each.

PatternMy Herringbone Hat for my So-Called Scarf

Needles: Size 11US circ and 10.5US dpns (I don’t own 11s in dpns! That’s how often I knit on big needles)

Notes:  I’m not such a big fan of this hat – I think I made it a little too floppy and a little too short.  I wanted to make sure my scarf would be long enough so I didn’t want to double the Bliss yarn for the top and just used some Comfy to double it up with.  I think I should have maybe used my pink rather than the brown. I was going to do a Comfy liner too but I hated how it turned out & frogged it.  Ah well.  I like it better now than I did when I finished it the other night.

And now the scarf:

Yes, that is my Neil Dimond shirt.

Yes, that is my Neil Dimond shirt.

My Blissful So-Called Scarf

Started: October 25th

Completed: October 31st

Yarn: Lotus Yarn’s Nirvana Worsted in Bliss – 1.5 skiens

Pattern: My So-Called Scarf

Needles:  Size 11US

Notes:  This I love.  Love the texture. Love the colours.  Love the warmth.  It’s long (80 inches!) which is unusual for me – I get so bored knitting scarves so they end up too short.  But I carried this or the hat on the commuter train so I would be forced to finish it.  And I plan to wear it daily from now until April.

It took me a bit to decide on what kind of scarf to make, but Stacey’s neckwarmer sealed the deal.  I’ve made one My So-Called Scarf…but it was gift.  It’s a great pattern – easy but interesting enough to last for a freaking long scarf.

Today I realized why I never take pictures of my finished scarves on – I have several but I don’t think I’ve really photographed them for the blog or Ravelry.  I can’t take a picture that doesn’t either shows off my fat face or my bewbs.  Ah well, I deleted my fat face so you get some blingin’ Neil Diamond bewbs.


rockin out

rockin' out

This will probably be the end of my projects for me for awhile…it’s getting to the time for some holiday gifts!  At least 3 pairs of socks, 1 half finished blanket, 1 pair of fingerless mitts, at least 3 hats and some toys – I’ll be busy!

So I will enjoy my Blissful set even more.