Well, that was a crappy weekend.

I wasn’t feeling so hot when I posted Saturday morning – headache, stomach issues, clammy skin – and it only got worse.  I spent the rest of the day in bed or wrapped in a blanket in my craft room chair wanting to die.  So no Halloween party for me – my “costume” was devil horns and a tshirt that said “Maverick Hockey Mom”.  (CB was going as The Dude from The Big Lebowski for those wondering). But alas, it was not to be, maybe my intended mocking target sensed it.  Anyway, I felt a little better yesterday, but today I’m feeling icky, don’t know if it’s leftover or just…a case of the Mondays.  CB & I also had a small fight – nothing big, we’re fine now, mostly me just being a bitch (not that he said as much, but looking back, yeah, I was a bit of selfish bitch to him).  

But hey!  How about some cuteness to drive the blahs away.

Little Boo

Little Boo

Little Boo

Started: October 19th

Completed: October 21st

Yarn:  Scraps of what I’m pretty sure is Cashmerino (orange) and Mission Falls 1824 Wool (black).

Pattern: Boo the Bat

Needles: Size 6 Harmony dpns

Notes: I made this for a friend whom I was going to see Saturday, but…well, hopefully I’ll see her again before too long.  Little Boo is so named because I was I was running low on the orange and subtracked two rows from the body as well as the wings.  His ears are made differently as well – I just cast on 6 stitches & didn’t join in the round, just worked back & forth.  He’s cute though!  His brother, Blue Boo, guards my cubicle with Wally. They have another brother, Brown Boo, but I never got a picture of before he went to his new home at my best friend’s.  Ah well.

This was the week to make siblings:


Slim Jim the Snowman


Started: October 22nd

Completed: October 25th

Yarn:  Pretty sure it’s all Mission Falls 1824 Wool scraps

Pattern: Knit Picks Snowmen

Needles: Size 4US Harmony Dpns

Notes:  Like his sister Posey, I didn’t felt Jim either (superwash wool) but I wish I had – the increases look wonky, which would have been hidden if I had.  Ah well.  This one is the Slim pattern (aren’t I just sooooo clever with their names?  Slim Jim, Rosy Posey.  Sigh) and and the only other change I made was (terrible) embroidery on the face & button.  Oh I think I went a little crazy on the icord scarf.  But they at least look related.

We Are Family!

We Are Family!

I have another FO that I need to rephotograph – the pictures look pretty awful.  Until then, here’s the start to my new scarf with my Big Ass Yarn Club Yarn

I even gave up my usual commuter socks to work on it – I know I’ll never finish it if I don’t push myself. 

Now back to work to see what else I can screw up today.