So it’s getting to that time of year where I leave the house when it’s dark and not get home until after sunset.  Which makes it a pain to take decent pictures of knitting & yarn!  For the past couple of years, I’ve tried to only take the best pictures of fiber & crafty stuff – I do it for my blog (which only a handful of people read) but also for Ravelry. I know how important good pictures are on Ravelry – to check colours or pattern detail – it’s honestly my favourite thing about Ravelry!  In any case, it looks like Saturday mornings have turned into my photographing time – I get up much earlier than CoffeeBoy so I have a couple of hours to relax and take pictures at my leisure.

In any case, this week was one of the best mail weeks I can remember!  Monday I came home to some fantastic packages (and the new WEBS catalog!) so I feel the need to share:

I got my first package in the Big Ass Yarn Club from Lotus Knits!

I. Love. It.  This has been my first year participating in any kind of yarn club and while I’m loving all the sock yarn, it’s nice to get some “Big Ass” yarn for a change.

Worsted weight merino – yum.  And the colours – man, Melanie outdid herself!  It looks so lovely with my new wool coat (which I had to bust out this week – wow, it got cold here). With 500+ yards, I think this is going to be a scarf and a matching hat.  As soon as I get the desire to cast on for a scarf – I don’t particularly like making scarves but I love to wear them!

Next I got my first ever sock blockers!

From the awesome Turtlegirl!  How cute are they!  I’ve been wanting some sock blockers for awhile – I honestly don’t block my socks, nor feel the need too, but I really wanted something to photography FOs & WiPs

One day Ill finish the second sock....

One day I'll finish the second sock....

The reverse red sox for CB, even though my beloved Sox are out of the World Series 😦  But they did a great job in the playoffs and did end on a good note in Fenway.  Anyway!  These blockers are great – cute paint job and lighter than I expected!  Thanks Cristi – I’m sure there will be many photos of these in the future.

And from another favourite blogger

Okay, cheesecake calendars are not my usual style but I couldn’t resist. 🙂  This will be kept in my craft room for inspiration, but honestly, I prefer my cuddly Norwegian boy. 🙂


In other good mail news, I got my ballot to vote!  I’m still registered to vote in OR since I still have a residency there.  While I’m sick of political coverage, I’m glad I got to vote – I feel it’s important and honestly, this is the first time I’ve been truly excited about a presidential candidate – my choice was made 4 years ago when I saw his speech at the DNC. 🙂  I don’t go into my politics on here (not that sort of blog) but whomever you support, be sure to go out & vote!

Today I’m putting the finishing touches on a “costume” for a party tonight – and it will also a political statement 🙂   I’ve got more FOs to share (3 of them in fact!) but I’ll spread them over a couple of days.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!