You know, it’s pretty ridiculous.  I’ve been trying very hard to cut down on my stash – I’ve sold/traded some yarn through Ravelry and I donated 3 huge bags to thrift shops (mostly odds & ends, I still have a bag of leftover sock yarn I’m not sure what to do with – I’m too lazy to list out what they are but if someone out there wants to play with them, let me know).  We are working on getting this house sold and really, too much of a stash stresses me out.  Since my WEBS trip, I’ve even avoided going into yarn shops, with the exception of Michaels to get some more yarn for my grandmothers blanket.

CoffeeBoy just doesn’t believe I’m trying to cut back when I keep getting packages in the mail.  Not only am I in 3 yarn clubs – Scout’s Swag, Big Ass Yarn Club, and Ravelry Sock Club – I keep forgetting about other packages I have coming.

First a fabulous package from my Rubbernecker Swap Pal, dianemarie123!

New to me sock yarn (Araucania Ranco Multi), 2 sock yarn staples (Knit Picks Essential) and goodies for both Mina & me!  Thanks again Diane!  I was going to go completly off swaps, but I’m glad I did this one!

Then this week I got my first ever Woolgirl kit.  I never seem to sign up in time for her delightful sets, but I got in on the perfect one for me!

Wicked Witch of the West! I mean I love green, I love Halloween, I love Elphaba – what could be better?   So much wonderful things I cannot list them, but it was well worth the price and totally made my day.  I think I’m most excited about having a cute project bag – no more ziplock bags for me now?  We’ll see. 

In addition to sock yarn, I’ve also been infected with an addiction to stitch markers of late


so much cuteness!

so much cuteness!

The little witch is from the Woolgirl kit, made by WeeOnes, I think I’ll be getting more from her!  The bats (love love the bats!) are from LyonsDenCreations and both of the flower stichmarkers are from my fellow rubbernecker UglyShmugly.  It’s funny, I’ve never seen the appeal of using cute stich markers – I have a ton of plastic circle ones – but now I’m hooked.

Whew!  I think I have more purchases, but this post is quite long enough.  I’m at home today, tomorrow we have a realator coming over to photograph the house to get it on the market, so I’m off to make it more photoworthy.  We finally got our hardwood floors in (after a year of not having anything more than cement!) and it looks so lovely.  I myself am going to take pictures, it’s all really coming together.  Too bad we are planning to leave it soon 😦  But we both have realized that Portland is where our home is – home, we realized, is where our family & friends are more than just a place to live (okay, unoriginal, I know).  It won’t be until March at the earliest (so I can finish up at work) but with the market the way it is, who knows if we’ll even be able to get it sold before then without taking a loss of thousands of dollars.   Sigh.  Anyway, I’m also “working from home” so should at least pretend I am.