Once upon a time, not too long ago, I had decided that Mondays was going to be commuter socks day – because socks make me happy and Mondays do not.  Well, because I cannot keep to a posting schedule to save my life, it fell by the wayside (also, durring the Ravelympics, I didn’t work on socks.  Also, I’ve been sucking at taking WiP pictures.)  But I do have a completed pair and a new commuter sock to make that train ride go by a little bit better.  (That and a new episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on Monday mornings and the rare occasions I can ride the train with Britt in the afternoons)

I need to remember to crop pictures.

I need to remember to crop pictures.

Rainy Day Commuter Socks

Started: August 28th

Completed: September 27th

Yarn: Blue Hands Fiber Ravelry Sock Club yarn – Rainy Day

Pattern: Tidepool Socks by Mary Heather

Needles: Size 1.5US Harmony needles

Notes: I like how these socks turned out.  I hated knitting them though

Not because of the yarn – finally I’m getting around to trying out my sock club yarn.  Love the colours (I realized after they were done, they have very similar coluors to another pair of commuter socks) and the yarn is lovely to knit with – especially after my last pair.  And since this yarn was named after Ravelry’s Mary Heather, I felt I should use her pattern for them!  It does look great with this yarn, but I just got so burnt out knitting 1×1 rib.  I have now decided I hate it and I never want to do it again.  Well, not for an entire pair of socks.  Anyway, that’s one of the reasons it took so long on this pair, I ended up going so crazy at the 1×1 rib that I took a break halfway through to work on another pair of socks, some Reverse Red Sox for CoffeeBoy (which I also didn’t finish because I’m a bad bad girlfriend apparently). Plus was a week where I was off work because mom was visiting – no commute = no commuter socks.

But they are now done, and I’ve moved on to what I’ve decided is my favourite sock pattern in the whole wide world, Reversi.

I heart Reversi

I heart Reversi

This is my “monkey” pattern.  I just love it so.  It’s the perfect pattern to amuse myself on the commute – yes I do race myself to figure out how many rows I can do during the ride. (“man, only 10 rounds?!  I suck!”).  And I love how it looks too.  Sadly, my first pair of Reversi socks, the gorgeous Gloss pair, found their way into the warm wash and shrank up too much to fit my boat-like feet.  They now have a happy home with my mom – with strict instructions to only wash them in cold!  So it seemed the perfect time to make a new pair.  I’m using a new yarn – Alpaca with a Twist Socrates – in fact when I bought it a couple of months ago, it wasn’t even in the Ravelry database yet!  I really like AwaT yarns, so I thought I would try it – it’s a blend of Alpaca (of course), Bamboo, Merino, and some nylon.  A bit fuzzier than I’ve used before but I’m enjoying the colours.

I’m not sure on the washing properties for this yarn but I am taking no chances with them.  Cold water only!