My mom was here last week – the first time she’s ever stayed with me for an extended period of time and her first visit to the East Coast.  I wanted to show her a great time – we rarely get to spend a lot of time together, even in OR and she’s had a pretty stressful year.   So we had a day in Salem & Glouster, 2 days in Boston (including my first Duck Boat ride and a Jackson Browne concert), one day in Plymouth, and one day just hanging around here.

But the highlight, for me at least, was our roadtrip on Wednesday  I rented a car – my first time driving in MA- and made a (very pretty) journey to the west.

a yarn lovers mecca

a yarn lover's mecca

Most of the people thought I was crazy to rent a car to go to a yarn store (of course not you, dear reader).  But this is so much more than just A yarn store – this is THE yarn store.

Heaven on earth

Heaven on earth

Just like every first time visitor says, it’s so overwellming when you walk in. Luckily, I had written down some sweater ideas – the yarn weight and yardage – and had a $100 limit on yarn.  So we dove right in.  First thing we went to the back corner of the store, where there is a lot of sale items.  I picked out some yarn for the Braided Pullover from the new IK – I don’t remember what it was because I ended up putting it back. It was pretty though!  But while we were looking at the sale corner, I kept thinking, “this can’t be the crazy backroom I hear about so much.”  I wandered off and then immediately came back to my mom, “Mom, you’ve got to see this!”

I wish I got a picture of it – I was so overcome with yarn fumes, I didn’t even take the above picture until after we had left & ended up coming back in. The backroom.  Yes, the one that the Yarn Harlot herself wants to live in. Rows & rows of sale yarn. Boxes upon boxes of yarn.  My mom threaten to disown me for bringing her back there.

We spent the most time back there – putting things in the basket, taking them back out (I did not see the shopping carts, we just had a basket.)  At one point I had to step outside to regroup.  After about 2 hours, we made our purchases – my mom got some pretty Valley Yarns Deerfield for a reversable cabled scarf pattern (which she also picked up) and some wool for the felted hats & purses she loves to make.

I called her an amateur:

My yarn haul

My yarn haul

What we have here is: 6 skeins of Louet Riverstone (green) for possibly the Sunrise Circle Jacket or maybe Oblique, 13 skeins of Valley Yarns Superwash (rust) for possibly the Nantucket Jacket, and 3 skens of Valley Yarns Lenox (lavender) just because it was so soft & I had to have it.  I also got a gift for my Rubberneckers Swap partner, which is not shown here, of course.  With the exception of Riverstone, all were discountable so my total for yarn was $100.41.  Pretty good eh? Hee!  After I paid and took my purchase to the car, I forgot I wanted to get a couple other little gifts & buttons so I came back in.

I thnk my mom enjoyed her time as well.

Mom, reading the WEBS catalog

Mom reading the WEBS catalog while waiting for her crazy daughter to finish taking pictures.

WEBS was such a wonderful experience, it makes me wish I had a car so I could go there more.  The staff was all super nice & the selection…I think most yarn stores are going to pale in comparison from now on. (except my beloved Twisted, because they carry more indie dyer sock yarn – did you notice I bought no sock yarn at WEBS?).  And I’m glad I got to go with my mom – while she isn’t as nutty as a knitter as me, she enjoyed it as much as I did.  And after leaving WEBS, we went up to Vermont, which she said was the highlight of her trip. (It is really beautiful there although we didn’t spend much time there – next time.)

My mom left yesterday morning (6 am flight – eek!) and I will miss her.  I mean, it’s nice to get back to normal life in a way, but deep down I’m a little girl who loves & misses her mommy a lot.  She had a great time for her first visit to the East coast and I’m glad I got to show it to her.

I’ve started a new project, but I’ll save that for a new post.