I just discovered something on Sunday. When you find yourself stuck in stockinette hell…

Make a Calorimetry!

Sunday Afternoon Calorimetry

Started & Completed: September 7th

Yarn: Paton SWS in Natural Slate

Pattern: Calorimetry

Needles: Size 8US Harmony

Notes: My sweater & socks were getting boring so I decided I needed an instant gratification project. This is perfect project for that – it really only took about 3 hours. I also needed something for my shortish haircut when it gets windy – my wild wind blown hair is not a good look for me

I have no idea why I have never made one of these before I love wraps (my panta gets a lot of use) and it really is such a fun pattern (I’m already planning a couple of more) – not boring at all and so cute.  Although I, like pretty much everyone who has made this, did some mods  I cast on 92st – I probably could have gone down to 80 actually – and only did 10 repeats of row 5. It’s still pretty loose on me.  I do love how it turned out though. I’ve had this skein of SWS for awhile now, and it really is the perfect yarn for this – the striping looks so nice. The only button I had close by that fit was one of my daisy buttons – and I think it’s pretty darn cute.

CoffeeBoy’s reaction to it?  “That doesn’t look like my socks.” 😛

I picked a good day to finish it too – it’s been pretty windy here of late.  And it’s going to be quite chilly tomorrow…but know what that means?  It means I can finally wear my Opulent Raglan!

Yeah, I love the fall.