Well, I seem to have taken another blog break – unintentional, but there it is.  I feel like I have a vampire sucking all my energy out – this vampire takes many forms, but the resualt is the same:  all I want to do when I get home in the evenings is sit on my ass & not think about things.

Some of the major energy drains:

  • Last weekend, I got a call from my mom – my younger sister was rushed to the hospital with a burst appendix.  She is doing better now, they finally let her go home last night, but I was just stressed out for days. It made me realize how hard it is living 3000 miles away from my family – I immediatly wanted to go home, not only for my sister but to help my mom with the kids (4 of them) and just be there, you know?  But when I was in Portland, it was a quick 2 hour driving trip, while here it’s at least an 8 hour flight, not to mention the 2 hour drive.  I just feel so helpless out here.  I really miss my family, they may drive me crazy after a couple of days, but I love them so much & it killed me to think of my poor sister – who is a very active stay at home mom – being laid up for a week. (And missing the 2 oldest kids first day of school – she was so upset.  I do not like hearing my sister upset). But like I said, she’s doing a lot better now.
  • Work.  I really love my job.  But this week, since summer is officially over, is the start of everyone wanting to get going on the event and my wonderful lovely boss had her last day on Friday. This is someone who’s been there for years and I am somehow going to be picking up a lot of this work – and I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time.  I try not to go into too much details about my job but my offical title is Speaker & Conference Coordinator for a 9 million dollar week long conference that takes place in February.  I basically just keep track of the speakers (a lot) and work with sponsors.  But now with my boss gone, I’m probably going to be doing some programing.  Fine, except I know so little about the subject matter.  So a bit stressful.

I did get to take a cruise on the Charles river with my coworkers though:

Look out birds!  Here we come!

Look out birds! Here we come!

It really was a perfect day for it – hot & humid, but cool on the water.  I’ve never done anything like that before, so it was a real treat.  Too bad it was because my boss & friend was leaving. 😦

  • The kitchen project
New Kitchen Shelves!

New Kitchen Shelves!

Our kitchen was so dark & tiny, we decided some lighter shelves would work so much better.  It’s coming along – actually the cabinets on the walls are down now, and some fresh wallpaper is up – it’s still a bit of pain trying to get around & in there.  CB is doing most of the work, and it’s going to look nice when it’s done.  I wish I was more excited by it – we made a decsion that we are going to be selling this house as soon as we can since CB might be out of a job come December, so it’s hard to feel any kind interest in something that won’t be mine much longer. (That’s another energy suck, but not one I want to get into at the moment.)

  • This sweater

Miles & miles of stockinette.  It’s sucking my will to live.  I’m just not excited about it anymore (by the way, it’s a much deeper red colour).  I’m now worried I’ll run out of yarn so I just want to not work on it anymore…yet I do.  I don’t even want to write about it, it’s that boring.  Yet I still just work on it.

At least I got some pretty yarn this week:

Panda Toes!

Panda Toes!

I was seriously pissed off at CoffeeBoy last weekend (another long story, it’s fine now) and decided I would order yarn to make me feel better.  CrazyMonkey is one of my fellow Rubberneckers on Ravelry and after checking out her etsy store, I had to get this.  I love bamboo/wool blend socks and these colours are so pretty.  And such a great price!  I’ve been trying to not buy any more sock yarn – I have so much of it and I’m not the fastest knitter – but I got this another yarn that hasn’t shown up yet (it’s from Germany, and is not Wollmeise) and just paid for my first Woolgirl sock kit.  I think I have a problem.

So that’s a sum up of my life at the moment.  Hopefully the next post won’t be such a downer.