After the Ravelympics…what do I do now?

Well back to socks of course!

I finished my Rock Candy Commuter Socks.

Rock Candy Commuter Socks

Started: July 25th

Completed: August 27th

Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Ease in Rock Candy – way less than one skein

Pattern: My basic sock pattern – 1 inch of 2×2 ribbing, 6 inch cuff, eye of partridge heel, basic toe.

Needles: 1.5US Harmony dpns

Notes:  Like the socks.  Hate working with this yarn.

I have huge feet.  And that is my walking from the train staion to work & back shoe in the background.

I have huge feet. And that is my "walking from the train staion to work & back" shoe in the background.

So a while back, when I started these, I said the yarn was “okay”.  But by then time I picked these back I up, I really began to really dislike this yarn.  I like the finish product and they will probably wear like iron…but I really did not like knitting them.  The yarn, to me, felt very dry & rough – I didn’t get any kind of softness from the “aloe” in it.  I will say I like the colours (I do need more muted socks) and there is a lot of yardage for the money – I still have about a half a skein left.  But if I’m going to spend my mornings & evenings stuck on a train knitting, I want something that feels nice, damnit.  So I’m in the “Just say no to Lion Brand” club.

I know my review wasn’t positive, but if someone would like the leftovers, let me know.  You could probably get at least a pair of shorty socks out them.

Oh these are pair #4 for the Summer of Socks

I’ve been suffering a bit of startitis at home – I sadly have no pictures yet though.  I started another pair of socks for CoffeeBoy – this one a bit more interesting than the last pair (but not much).  I’m making him a pair of Reverse Red Sox socks because, of course, he will not wear any socks that aren’t mostly white or brown.  So they’re white socks with red heels & toes – which is nice for me because I can make myself a real pair of Red Sox socks with the leftovers.

I’ve also cast on for another sweater, flush with success with the Opulent Raglan (THANK YOU by the way, for all the nice comments).  It started out as the Gathered Pullover (Ravelry link) from IK…but decided I didn’t really like the design as much as I thought I did.  So I think I might do the Tomato herringbone pattern on it instead, as I have Knit Picks Merino Style in red & grey.  But I’m going to try knitting it from the bottom up and make it long sleeved (or longer sleeves – I don’t know if I’ll have enough of the red for long sleeves.)

And of course I started a new pair of commuter socks

much brighter, dont ya think?

much brighter, don't ya think?

I got so excited when my monthly shipment from the Blue Hands Ravelry sock club showed up I forgot to actually take a picture of the skein before I rolled it up!  It’s so pretty!  It’s Mary Heather’s colour – Rainy Day – so I’m using her pattern on it, Tidepool Socks.   We’ll see how it turns out!

Hope you all have a nice 3 day weekend (if you have one) – we’re going to be redoing the kitchen.  Half of it is tore out – including the sink – so while it means I don’t have to do dishes tonight (woo hoo!) it’s going to be interesting trying to make coffee tomorrow morning.